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Friday, 31 August, 2012 10:00 PM

New country star Doug Briney wraps up Alaska to Calif. motorcycle tour

Photo credit: MTS Management Group

Doug Briney recently completed a 7,622-mile journey from his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska to Orange, Calif.


by Jason Rzucidlo



ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- New country music artist Doug Briney began singing at the young age of two! Then, he kept entertaining audiences throughout high school and graduated from Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College as a vocal music major in 1988. His musical influences include Kenny Rogers, Alabama, Chris Young, Toby Keith and Ronnie Dunn. Briney recently completed a motorcycle tour from his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska to southern California. During the trip, he stopped to perform at various venues and introduce fans to his music. Look for his new album, It's All Country, on, CD Baby and on iTunes.

How did you get the nickname "The Alaskan Cowboy"?

"The cowboy part is just part of who I am," Briney said in an exclusive interview. "I pastor at the Cowboy Church of Anchorage. I have owned the Cowboy Coffee Shop up here. My uncle just calls me cowboy. He doesn't even call me by my name. I guess they got the name Alaskan Cowboy simply because that's where I live. We've lived up here in Alaska for the past almost 21 years."

What's the story behind your new single, "It's All Country"?

"It's a song that was written by Pat Kelley, who I met at the Independent Country Musicians Network," he explained. "It's a song that talks about the changes in the music industry. You know, the different sounds that are out there, more modern sounds. There's a lot of people that don't consider today's music country music and there's a lot of people that listen to today's country music and really enjoy it and don't like the older, traditional style of country music. The truth of the matter is that it is all country. Elvis has a fantastic country recording and was very well known. I'm just trying to get people to appreciate country music for what it is."

What are some highlights of your new album by the same name?

"One song we pre-released was a song called, 'More Than Just A Farm To Me.' That one did very well and it's still doing very well for me. It's a song about life and learning some of life's lessons--hard work and how that pays off set against the backdrop of a farm. It's a lot of fun. Another song that I really enjoy is called, 'Deja Vu All Over Again.' It's a song about life. I know several families in Anchorage that this really applies to. You raise your children and they kind of move out on their own. We're doing to enjoy some time together and go on a cruise, maybe. About that time, one of the children calls and says, 'Hey, I need some help. It would really help if we could move in for a little while.' So they take the daughter or son back into the house and it's kind of a Deja Vu all over again. There's families all over the United States that are moving back in right now just to help. By then, it's time for the parents to move back in."

Fans are invited to vote for Doug Briney to win the 2013 Southern Star Country Artist of the Year Award:

Click Here to place your vote

I understand that you are nominated for the 2013 Southern Star Country Artist of the Year Award.

"It's very humbling and I'm honored," Briney said. "It's something that I don't take lightly. It's quite an honor to be nominated for it. I just hope that people get out an vote. You hear people all of the time on the big shows saying, 'It's an honor just to be nominated.' It is truly an honor to be nominated and to be thought of that highly by peers, by industry professionals. Hopefully, the fans will get behind that and vote. I consider it a high honor."

Briney embarked on a motorcycle tour from Alaska to California earlier this summer.

"I left Anchorage on the morning of July 23 and rode all the way down to Orange County, Calif.," the new country artist added. "I did a couple of radio interviews along the way. It was a little over 3,500 miles from my dad's front door. I got to visit for five days and do concerts down there in Orange County. Then, I rode back into Anchorage and arrived at my front door on Aug. 10 at about 5:30 in the evening. The total mileage I did 7,622 miles round trip. I did that in basically within 12 days of riding. Not a lot of time to smell the coffee. But it was a great trip. I really enjoyed it. It was kind of fast and furious."

Which concert venues did you play at in southern California?

"One of the venues was Ruby's in Orange there," Briney said. "I did a friends and family concert there. I have a lot of family that is down in Orange County. I went to Troy High School and graduated way back in 1983. I had a lot of friends from high school that came out to let friends and family know what I'm doing now."

Now that the motorcycle tour has wrapped up, what are some of your upcoming gigs?

"I'm going to be playing at the Anchorage Markets on Sunday," he explained. "Then, on Thursday, I'm going to be playing at the Alaska State Fair. I'm pretty excited about that, getting out there. I have a couple of other things scheduled in September. I'd have to look at my calendar to get those dates. I'm hoping to get down to the lower 48 in November-December and do some concerts down there. We're trying to iron some of that out right now."

Do you sing mostly original material or cover songs at your shows?

"I do a blend of both," he answered. "I do a lot of cover tunes, I have about six original songs that I do. I'm working on some more. One of the stops that I made was in Carmichael, Calif. I met a cousin that I had never met before. I met him at a recovery house for folks that are struggling with addictions. It's a large recovery home there. He's a writer and I was able to pick up a couple of songs from him. I am working on getting those things developed and start doing those as well. Most of what I do now is cover songs, but I do put some originals in there as well."

For more information about Doug Briney, visit his official website at, his Reverb Nation artist page at and his Twitter page at

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Photo credit: MTS Management Group

New country artist Doug Briney


Photo credit: MTS Management Group

Briney's pull-behind motorcycle trailer




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