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YOUR LETTERS Visitors Love Gary Allan

During our Gary Allan guitar giveaway, we received hundreds of letters from our visitors. We decided to share all of them with you. We'd like to thank you for sharing your thoughts on the country music star with us.

“I follow this beautiful man all over the US to hear his amazing voice. I have attend over a 100 shows in the last 3 years..Crazy, I am not...just know a good thing when I see it!!!”
-Trish Shattuck, Blanchester, OH

“I would not say I was his biggest fan, but I would say that I can sing all of his songs that come on the radio. He knows his stuff!”
-Jill Duslak, Martin, OH

“I have loved him ever since I saw his music video for "Forever and a Day." I have all of his cds and i just love him.”
-Margaret Zahn, Aberdeen, SD

“I've seen him in concert over 100 times and each show has been amazing and holds a special memory for me.”
-Tonya Skimehorne, Waynesboro, TN

“I am Gary Allan's biggest fan because I used to Intern at MCA/Mercury Records and love all the artists on the label!”
-Paul Delmotte, Novi, MI

“He just has a quality about him as a performer that is very unique and I love that. He has much more class and talent then some of popular male country singers. Plus he is oh so sexy!”
-Renee Jablonski, Westlake, OH

“His music is so real, it touches the heart and soul, makes you feel like he is singing about "you" and "your life"
-Tamatha Burrus, Salem, MO

“I love Gary because he is very attractive and his music is great!!!!!”
-Donna Bernat, Wyandotte, MI

“I love him and his music. I can relate to a lot of his music and it touches my soul. He is an amazing artist.”
-Ashley Zeller, Hazel Park, MI

“I am Gary Allen's biggest fan because I have been listening to his music since he started singing. I can relate to all of his songs, and feel as though he is singing about my life very often.”
-Marie Stuve, Clinton Township, MI

“I've seen him 15 times in concert and love love love him!!”
-Chrissy Koonce, Detroit, MI

“I feel I am Gary's biggest fan because I have been to see Gary 7 times in the last year. I have driven 7+ hours just to see him on several occasions. I have every one of his cd's and I have been a fan since he started singing. I am a member of his fan club as well and request his song on a daily basis to my local radio station. Gary is one of the few artists I can say creates albums where I love every single song on it. Please pick me it would be an honor to own a guitar signed by this highly underrated singer.”
-Nicole Lowe, Howell, MI

“He's just been such a blessing to country music ... a breath of fresh air.”
-Jen King, Detroit, MI

“Up until about a month ago, my entire house was plastered with everything Country that I own. Due to the fact that we are trying to sell our house, I had to pack it all away. With a excellent connection with my best friend that works at CMT down in Nashville, I have some very cool stuff. If you ask anyone that knows me, they know Gary Allan tops my list as my absolute favorite. I've been backstage with him watching a Clint Black show, been on his tour bus in Kentucky with his buddy Craig, went to his concerts and Fan Club parties down in Nashville, have seen him anytime he's ever been here in Michigan, been to many meet and greets and told everyone I possibly know that he is the best, and turned quite a lot of people onto his music. I'm all about spreading the word about how amazing and unique Gary is, I can never get enough of him. I've written him letters, dealt with the same tragedies, he's met my four daughters at different shows, and I consider him my biggest musical inspiration. There's nobody else like him. If I could go to a show every night and follow him around the country, that would be heaven for me. I'd bring my girls with me, and I'd be livin' the dream. I've hung out with the band several times, back when Jake and a lot of the other boys were around. I was given Levi's phone number once so I could call him when I got back home to make sure I was ok, I was the only person standing under the pavilion at the DTE concert, screaming my head off with my first row seats that I drove to Toledo to get. Gary stood right in front of me, throwing me picks, and I was on the video screen while my friends just shook their heads thinkin' here she goes again. I just love him, I really do. People have tried to enter me in Fanatics and Groupie contests, but I refuse. I'm not a stalker, I don't bother him, I'm just there in my own world loving every minute of it. That's why I'm Gary's biggest, most respectful fan.”
-Shelly Lyn Stricklen, Ann Arbor, MI

“He is so cute and when I’m not in a good mood I can listen to him and be in a much better mood. He makes my day go by better.”
-Stephanie Ross, Canton, MI

“i am Gary Allan's biggest fan because I’ve been to about 5 of his concerts and that’s more times than any other country singer!”
-Chase, Monroe, MI

“I am Gary's biggest fan because he is a great singer and he is also hott.”
-Christine Bernier, Warren, MI

“I love how he shows the world that life goes on. Even after such an enormous tragedy, he's out there everyday, doing what he loves and giving the fans what they want.”
-Amanda, St. Clair, MI

“When I first saw Gary, I could not believe that he looked so much like my good friend Tim. Since "Smoke Rings..." and "Right Where I Need to Be" became popular, I told my "Gary Allan" look alike, that Gary WILL be my favorite county artist from now on. I also predicted that "Man to Man" would be #1 on his All Right Guy album if they radio stations would only play it. Well finally they did a year after the album was released and everyone knows what happened next. I knew then Gary was an exceptional artist.”
-Lisa Kozak, Clinton Twp, MI

“During my divorce I turned to music to survive the ups and downs and his songs are so tuned in to emotions and experiences - I love nothing but the radio and feelin' like that!”
-Tracy Pietila, Pinckney, MI

“He is amazing, unique and his voice does something to me.”
-Katie Farina, Milford, MI

“His deep sexy Voice....Hot”
-Christine Forster, Sterling Heights, MI

“He has one of the sweetest, sexiest voices. I seen him in concert with Rascal Flatts. He was better than them. He shows lots of emotion when I sings. I get tears in my eyes when I hear him sing.”
-Kim Chipman, Swartz Creek, MI

“He's an amazing artist and i love his songs and can relate to some and its nice.”
-Shannon Fitzsimmons, Berkley, MI

“He is a great artist He outs lots feelings & soul into his music. I relate my life with songs.”
-Jennifer Potter, Westland, MI

“A real cowboy with a sweet voice.”
-Susan Randall, Birmingham, MI

“I am his biggest fan because I was at the concert in Royal Oak that no one else went to, standing front row, singing my heart out.”
-Trish Sly, Ypsilanti, MI

“He’s amazing and a big inspiration for me. His music has helped me through many rough times in my life.”
-Lauren Waters, Godfrey, IN

“I love his music and he has inspired me to be who I am.”
-Brandy Irene Little, Romulus, MI

“I can relate to his music and connect with its meaning.”
-Michelle Weitman, Huntington Woods, MI

“I looooove his voice and his unique sound.”
-Michael Duer, West Bloomfield, MI

“Just started listening to country music, he's one of my favorites so far.”
-Mike Allen, Westland, MI

“He has the best voice ever, his songs relate to me and I love him!”
-Stephanie Hnatiuk, Dearborn, MI

“I love that he has triumphed over the tragedy in his life and keeps his head and continues on.”
-Amanda Jones, St. Clair, MI

“I fell in love with Gary Allan's music back in 2003, when I was diagnosed with MS. I have not been able to afford to by his music but, I have downloaded every song i possibly could. I have dreamt of meeting him for so long, and to be able to just have an autographed Guitar of his, it would be at least part of a dream, since all of my dream went down the tube when I found out I have MS. Life just isn't fare some times :)”
-Peggy Bates, Garden City, MI

“There is not one song of his that I don't love. They have been inspirational to me through a very tough time in my life.”
-Jaymie Phillips, Chelsea, MI

“It's not something you can really describe. I love everything about Gary Allan, his voice, his eyes, his body, everyone of his songs, his music videos, i know a lot about him, i seen him at the hoedown 2 years ago. Gary Allan amazes me. I would love to have something of his or something signed by him, but mostly i would love to
meet him and have a conversation with him.”
-Tiffany Sanders, Wales, MI

-Bobbie Jo Hipshire, Carleton, MI

“I have loved his music forever. His voice and sound are second to none. His music is a breath of fresh air.”
-Kathleen Mavis, Clinton Twp., MI

“He is one country artist that I think is not only gorgeous but has amazing talent.”
-Christina Kopin, Northville, MI

“Because he can relate to every day peoples lives.”
-Jennifer Peters, Livonia, MI

“Because his songs are so like my life. And he is an awesome singer. He is inspirational.”
-Toni Beck, Brooklyn, MI

“He seems to sing from a "soul" level, both before and after his beloved died. I love his "whiskey" voice and lyrics I can so relate to most of the time. Being a person in a 12 step recovery program, I truly relate to and "get" his songs about booze and the consequences of over indulging, etc.”
-Cheryl J. McDiarmid, Courtenay, British Columbia (Canada)

“I am Gary Allan’s biggest fan because I love his music, it takes me back, and I relax every time I hear his voice. I am Hopping I get to see you in concert this year...”
-Tanya Talbot, Windsor, Ontario (Canada)

“I think he is a great artist, he has mastered everything he has tried, and he would have the ability to make me fall in love with the phone book if he sang it lol. He has a truly wonderful voice and is capable of achieving anything he sets out to do.”
-Erica Bolden, Westland, MI

“He sings so much about everyday life.”
-Vickie Couturier, Gilman, VT

“He has an amazing voice and makes you believe what he is singing.”
-Beth Grote-Lewis, Porterville, CA

“He is adorable, cute and cuddly!”
-Willa Luthi, Tecumseh, MO

“I've loved him since i can remember! and I learned to play some songs on my guitar. I have a lot a family problem and my dad destroyed it. Now I love with my mother and I have no guitar. All I want is a new guitar and play his song! He's My role model! There is no doubt about it!”
-April Hankins, Danville, VA

“This guy is awesome! What a voice, and he definitely puts his heart into all his performances.”
-Cathy Spears, New Philadelphia, OH

“Someday I'm going to marry him :)”
-Marlena Griffin, Portland, OR

“I love his music”
-Carol Cummings, Union City, PA

“His music exemplifies what I know as true country!”
-Sierra Goodrich, Sierra Vista, AZ

“He has a awesome voice unlike any other artist”
-Doug Mazzanti, Butler, PA

“He is such a great singer and puts his whole heart in his music.”
-Amy Holt, Hurricane, UT

“He autographs a lot of guitars for giveaways!”
-Jean Bruce, Clearwater, FL

“I love his music and he gets me inspired to write songs. Gary is a big inspiration in my life.”
-Dakota Moss, Twin City, GA

“He has a great singing voice.”
-Kermit Crissey, Buffalo, NY

“He is a cutie!”
-Susan Simon, Philadelphia, PA

“I love his looks.”
-Becky Payne, Jacksonville, AR

“I enjoy all of his music and purchase all of his CDs. My favorite song is ‘Smoke Rings in the Dark.’”
-Pat Holcomb, Comanche, OK

“Because he isn't afraid to speak his mind.”
-Jack Tirko, Freeport, PA

“My middle son is ‘Gary Alan’”
-Sandra Weissberger, Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I can relate to his songs.”
-Jeanna Coyner, Saint Albans, WV

“His music is just awesome.”
-Theodore Harvil, Reisterstown, MD

“I am a musician and I dig his music.”
-Chris Harper, Bevinsville, KY

“Who could not be one of his fans?”
-Sylvia Ann Buck, Fairfield, ME

“He's a cutie!”
-Karen Wood, Alberta, Canada

“I travel all over to see this talented man. His music has touched my soul.”
-Sharon Ramon, Magnolia, TX

“I love Country music and I love Gary Allan. He is great!”
-Shana Hawke, Norman, OK

“All his hwyjunkies make up one giant fan! we support him and his music no matter what!”
-Michelle Jackson, Boyd, TX

“Because I am a Highway Junkie! (all us fans who post on his board know what I mean!)”
-Rebecca Yahrling, Plantation, FL

“I would travel to the ends of the earth to see him in concert!!! :)”
-Nicole Barnard, Vestal, NY

“Gary evokes in me (and I'm sure anyone else who takes the time to listen to him), a primal sense of well-being and blissfulness. He lifts my spirits. He has taken me thru a rough spot when I had cancer and made my pain a little easier to bear by taking me to that sense of well being. He has helped me find an uplifting attitude that emerges every time I hear his voice singing.”
-Cindy Fleck, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

“Have seen Gary more than 50 times during the past 6 years and puts lotsa miles on my car for that man. He even signed my tags that say "HWY JNKY" Gary's voice and he is a great person.”
-Sheila Barclay, Uniontown, PA

“I love all of his music. Especially the song tough little boys.”
-Christina Sly, Enid, OK

“Well...when everyday rotates around wearing a shirt, listening to, going on his site or talking about "the MAN" you’re probably a big fan.”
-Kim Gostomski, Cheektowaya, NY

“He is really cool and a great guy.”
-Robert Abramson, Toccoa, GA

“I have multiple copies of all his CDs and have seen him 8 times in the last 6 months! I love Gary Allan.”
-Lily Chu, Buena Park, CA

“I love everything he does. I listen to him everyday. I would beg, borrow and steal to see one of his shows. I'd give up my first born, if I had one just to meet him.”
-Lisa Hall, Germantown, OH

“The twang, the music and the voice...I enjoy it all. And I'm not all "crying for Elvis" about it - just a normal big fan.”
-Heather Cowley, Orlando, FL

“Cause there's no one else I'll drive "to" and "back" to Cleveland from Central Indiana to see!”
-Laura Smith, Frankton, IN

“I don't listen to anyone but him. He is the best in the world!”
-Donna Couch, Ruston, LA

“I love his music, his personality, and his looks!!”
-Brittany Pohler, Shiner, TX

“I am Gary's biggest fan because I truly appreciate his musical talent. Of course I have all of his CD's and have been to his concerts, but I am a true fan because I love his passion for music and his devotion to his craft.”
-Monica R. Rider, Davie, FL

“I travel all over to see his shows & meet new fans...& I just LOVE his music & how he good he treats his fans :)”
-Julie Manner, Colfax, WA

“I think Gary is a superstar, he is amazingly talented, his live performance's rock and keep you wanting more!!!! My husband and I drove 16,000 mile's alone to see Gary in concert in 2006!!!!”
-Julie Doland, Des Moines, IA





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