WATCH: Interviews at 57th Annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Parade’s Jason Rzucidlo reports from along Euclid Street for the 57th Annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Parade. Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy Award‐nominated actress Sally Kellerman has been named Celebrity Grand Marshal of the 57th annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival
parade. Since the festival’s 2015 theme is “Honoring Our Returning Veterans,” Lt. Col. Patricia Murray was
chosen as the Theme Grand Marshal. In addition, thirteen TV and film stars plus Knott’s Berry Farms’
Snoopy and Ronald McDonald.

>> Watch for interviews with attendees in the video below:

You’ll also see an exclusive interview with actress Santana Dempsey from HBO’s “The Newsroom”

>> Watch for more highlights from the 2015 Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Parade:


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