New Trivia Questions from “Page-A-Day” 7/14

This week’s questions:

1) What pioneering rock ‘n’ roller’s band did young Bob Dylan want to join, according to his 1959 high-school yearbook?

2) What 2-inch-long ocean creature is one of the noisiest animals on earth?

3) What Christmas song was written on a hot summer day by two songwriters who were hoping that wintry thoughts would cool them off?

4) What is an onychophagist?

5) What animal is pictured on bottles of Yellow Tail wine?


This week’s answers:

1) Little Richard’s. Dylan, whose birth name is Robert Zimmerman, attended Hibbing High School in Hibbing, Minnesota.

2) The pistol shrimp, which makes a noise that can reach up to 218 decibels–30 decibels higher than the sound made by the blue whale.

3) “The Christmas Song,” popularly known as “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.” It was written in 1945 by Mel Torme and Bob Wells.

4) A person who bits his or her nails.

5) A wallaby–a yellow-footed rock wallaby, to be exact.

Source: Workman Publishing/Page-A-Day

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