Premiere of ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con

Be careful, Diana.  They do not deserve you.

This weekend is about to become wonderful with not only the July 24 birthday of TV’s “Wonder Woman” Lynda Carter, but the San Diego Comic-Con has lassoed the first trailer of Gal Gadot as “Wonder Woman,” who is celebrating 75 years of fighting for peace, truth, equality, compassion, sisterhood, justice, goodness, and love.  Introduced on the big screen for the first time in this spring’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” the Amazonian warrior princess will finally headline her own movie from director Patty Jenkins.

From the day she was born, Diana has always been her mother’s “greatest love”.  Now, she’s about to leave her island home for the first time: preparing her trip to the world of man.  With soldier Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) accompanying her, Diana will soon become involved in the first World War – and war is what she’s been preparing for all her life.  Now, she’s about to step into the battlefield in becoming the world’s first female superhero: the world’s finest of all female superheroes.

“Wonder Woman” is set for June 2017, followed by her joining the “Justice League” in November 2017.

In the meantime, get the latest Comic-Con issue of Entertainment Weekly (EW) with Gal on the cover as Wonder Woman, a symbol of female empowerment against tyranny, cruelty, and oppression.


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