Possible sequel reboot for Disney’s ‘Rocketeer’ could be in the works

It’s been 25 years since Disney’s The Rocketeer” blasted off into theaters – and it continues to remain a blast, despite the sad fact that the film didn’t become a summer superhero blockbuster.  Now, The Rocketeer” may fly again with a reboot sequel entitled The Rocketeers” from Max Winkler (the son of Henry Winkler, aka the Fonz from TV’s Happy Days”) and Matt Spicer, according to ComicBook.com via The Hollywood Reporter.

Set six years after the original, the film will center on an African-American female pilot becoming the new Rocketeer when her predecessor Cliff Secord disappears during his fight with the Nazis, so it is up to her to save the world from an evil, ambitious rocket scientist whose plans of selling jet-pack technology could tip the balance of the Cold War.

Directed by Joe Johnston, the 1991 film starred Billy Campbell as Secord, a test pilot with all-American good looks who becomes a true-blue superhero for the United States of America thanks to a rocket prototype designed and created by Howard Hughes (Terry O’Quinn).  As the Rocketeer, Secord flies into action to keep the rocket out of the hands of both the mob and the Nazis, as well as rescue his best girl Jenny (Jennifer Connelly) from the clutches of a dashing movie star (former James Bond) Timothy Dalton) who’s an undercover Nazi agent.

Praised by critics, The Rocketeer” remains a cult favorite among superhero/comic fans – just like 1996’s The Phantom” starring Billy Zane.

Not only that, Johnston went on to to direct 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger” with Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, the kid from Brooklyn who didn’t want to kill Nazis; he just doesn’t like bullies – no matter where they come from.  As the world’s first super-soldier, Steve Rogers became Captain America: the true red-white-blue shield, the real shield that stands for life, liberty, freedom, democracy, duty, patriotism, and justice against the forces of the evil HYDRA organization led by the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).  Everything you ever like Captain America: The First Avenger, the same goes for The Rocketeer.

“The Rocketeers” is a project that is currently in the developmental stages.

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