Captain America statue unveiled at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in New York

“I can do this all day … I don’t like bullies.  I don’t care where they’re from … I’m just a kid from Brooklyn”

The summer of 2011 found moviegoers saluting and rooting for Chris Evans as Marvel’sCaptain America: The First Avenger,” where Steve Rogers became the world’s first super-soldier: the real red-white-blue shield for duty, liberty, freedom, patriotism, and justice against the evil forces of HYDRA led by the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).  That led to 2014’s “Winter Soldier“, where Cap was willing to pay the high price to defend freedom when the super-spy organization SHIELD was infected by deep cover agents of HYDRA.  This summer’s “Civil War” found Cap maybe on the wrong side when a law requires superhero registration for the government: a law that Cap is willing to break because he believes that the world will be much safer if it’s in the hands of someone like him.

The Captain America statue was first shown at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Still, after 75 years, Captain America is finally coming home to Brooklyn.

On Wednesday, a dedication ceremony took place outside Prospect Park in New York, where fans assembled to see the 13-foot bronze statue of the living legend who went on to become the leader of Marvel’s the Avengers, the team of ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ who fights the battles – and foes – no one else would.

Since 1941, Captain America has been the ambassador for the little guy: the good guy who don’t have a bad side, the good guy with the perfect teeth, the good man who knows the value of compassion, the good man with the good heart.  Captain America is the guy who’s willing to lay down his life to fight for what’s right because he’s fighting not for himself, but fighting for those who can’t fight back.

Grossing over $400 million dollars in the U.S. (over a billion worldwide), Captain America: Civil War” won two Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie: Sci-fi/Fantasy and Choice Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy for Evans.  The movie also helped the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) assembled over $10 billion dollars globally.

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