PHOTOS: 2016 Plymouth Fall Festival @ Kellogg Park — Part Two

AmericaJR’s Jason Rzucidlo was LIVE at Kellogg Park for the 2016 Plymouth Fall Festival. The Plymouth Rotary Club’s annual Chicken BBQ was the highlight of Sunday afternoon at the Plymouth Fall Festival. Each year, 10,000 chicken dinners are sold and they run out fast! “The chicken is very good, the best I’ve had in years,” said volunteers Macey Guenther and Ronda Osadca from Belleville, Mich. “The cookies were delicious. It’s a pretty impressive set up back there. It is our first time behind-the-scenes too.” The full meal includes half of a chicken, corn on the cob, a roll with butter, a cookie and a water bottle. All proceeds go to support the Plymouth Rotary Club.

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