Superhero Sunday: Official Teaser Trailer of ‘Logan’

Time may be on the Wolverine’s side, but this will be the last time for Hugh Jackman as the X-Men fan favorite superhero known as “Logan” with the official teaser trailer slicing its way of the Wolverine with the voice of the late Johnny Cash singing “Hurt”.  And hurt is what always defines Logan as the Wolverine, who is the best at what he does – but it isn’t always very nice, even if he’s now Old Man Logan.

“Logan” marks the return of Sir Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X, who has awoken up in a world without mutants: a world without the X-Men, who united to made their last stand several days of future past against the Apocalypse.  Now the Professor must guide his most difficult student once more to help protect a young girl who not only have the same Wolverine abilities, one would also think she’d be his daughter, as well.  Together, the trio becomes an unlikely surrogate family: fighting to save the world from an evil global corporation led by Nathaniel Essex.

“Logan” is set for March 3, 2017.