James Corden discusses Carpool Karaoke, Drop the Mic at PaleyFest

LOS ANGELES — Paleyfest welcomed James Corden and “The Late, Late Show,” at the infamous Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, the evening of March 22nd. Host James Corden was joined with Executive Producers, Rob Crabbe, and Ben Winston, moderated by Bradley Whitford. The evening was kicked off with clips of the show’s best moments, including Carpool Karaoke with Adele, and Bruno Mars, which are the most viewed videos from a Late night show.

Corden, Crabbe, and Winston spoke about how they wanted to be different from what’s been on for years, and wanted segments where it resonated with people. They were unsure if by having all their guests on the show on one couch would work, so they called publicists discussing their format, and almost all of them didn’t have a problem with it.

When they were brainstorming segments for the show, they immediately thought Carpool Karaoke was a brilliant idea, it’s Los Angeles and it’s known for their traffic, it’s perfect. Until they were pitching to have guests participate, it took them awhile for someone to say yes, after Mariah Carey’s Carpool Karaoke was an instant hit, everyone wanted to partake in all the fun.  The segment Drop the Mic, was such a hit, it’s even getting it’s own show, which is currently in production.

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“The Late Late Show” at PaleyFest inside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on March 22, 2017. (Kelly Rosales/AmericaJR)


From left to right: Moderator Bradley Whitford, “Late Late Show” Host James Cordon and Executive Producers Rob Crabbe and Ben Winston. (Kelly Rosales/AmericaJR)


A few audience members were invited on stage for a special edition of “Carpool Karaoke.” (Kelly Rosales/AmericaJR)


Corden thanked everyone who participated on stage. (Kelly Rosales/AmericaJR)


All photos by Kelly Rosales for AmericaJR

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