25 Things I Learned from Social Media Superstar Jake Paul’s book “You Gotta Want It”

Jake Paul is a social media superstar. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Jake and his brother, Logan, rose to fame after posting funny videos on Vine. Shortly after, he gained millions of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. Then, he moved to Los Angeles to take on Hollywood. Look for him on the Disney Channel series “Bizaardvark.” Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @jakepaul; on Snapchat: jakepaul1; and on Facebook: jakepaul. I picked up a copy of his latest novel, “You Gotta Want It” at my local Barnes & Noble.

Here are 25 Things I Learned from Jake Paul:

  1. When You Pursue A Dream, Nothing Can Stop You
  2. Take the word “No”, Flip it Around and Say, “I’m On It”
  3. If You’re Meant for It, It Will Happen
  4. Don’t Say The Word Can’t; Tell Me What You Can Do
  5. Jake Paul and his dog

    Chase Your Dreams and Don’t Worry What People Will Think

  6. Own What You Do; If Not, Someone Can Take It
  7. Be Yourself. Be Authentic. Be Honest and Don’t Worry
  8. Do Whatever Makes You Uniquely You
  9. Adapt and Overcome
  10. Listen to Your Inner Voice
  11. Be a Good Person and Good Will Happen
  12. Life Gets Better If You Want It To
  13. You Have To Be Passionate
  14. Nothing is Impossible…Everything is Possible
  15. Concentrate on the Good Things
  16. If You Want Something, You Have to Risk Failure
  17. Appreciate What You Have Before it Turns into What You Had
  18. Sometimes You Have To Do Things You Don’t Want To…To Get Where You Want To Go
  19. The Only Person Who Can Stop You From Your Dreams…is You
  20. Don’t Worry About What Everyone Else is Doing…Only Focus on You
  21. Keep Going Out; Keep Trying and Get Better
  22. Life is One Gigantic Ball of Possibilities
  23. Don’t Complain; Just Get it Done
  24. Ask Yourself: Do You Want It? Then, Answer: Yes, I Want It
  25. You Can Do and Be it All; Everything You Want and Dream!

Look for Jake Paul’s newest book “You Gotta Want It” on Amazon and in bookstores nationwide. Hardcover: 224 pages from Gallery Books. ISBN#978-1501139475 (Released: October 11, 2016)


Jake Paul and the cast of the Disney Channel’s “Bizaardvark.” (Photo credit: Disney Channel)

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