Movie Review: “Wonder Woman” flies into theaters everywhere

We all know that after 76 years, Wonder Woman is wonderful.

But after seeing this movie, she is still wonderful thanks the direction of Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, who embodies everything about the female superhero as much as Lynda Carter did – and still do – on the small screen four decades ago.  In other words, “Wonder Woman” was not only the exception of last year’s “Batman v. Superman”, but the film and character is indeed the true dawn of justice in the DC Cinematic World.

Born on Paradise Island, Princess Diana of Themyscira has been trained by her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright) to become a shield for their Amazon sisters.  Antiope believes it is necessary for Diana to defend herself should Ares, the god of war, returns after being exiled by Zeus millions of lifetimes ago.  However, Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) disagrees, but will slowly realize it is inevitable to shield her daughter from her destiny.  Her destiny came in the form of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), a U.S. intelligence agent with news on “the war to end all wars”.  Believing this is the work of Ares, Diana decides to accompany Steve to the world of man, where London is calling both of them to battle.  But Diana is answering the call of a hero: a hero that the world of man may not deserve, but the hero the world of man truly needs in serving the greater good for all of humanity: Wonder Woman.

“Wonder Woman” is the story of a young girl growing up to become a woman who is a warrior and princess: the story of a warrior and princess who grows up to be a woman.  It is why young girls still want to be Wonder Woman when they grow up: strong, courageous, honest, beautiful, brave, bold, empowered, and so on.  This film proves it as much as proves Wonder Woman does deserve to be an ambassador for the United Nations.  She IS the ambassador for freedom, liberty, democracy, equality, sisterhood, truth, faith, hope, love, and justice: the bridge between Paradise Island and our imperfect world of man.

Rating: 4/4 stars ****


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