Leslie Science & Nature Center Welcomes 25 New Critters after the closure of the Bat Zone in Pontiac

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The Leslie Science & Nature Center (LSNC) is providing sanctuary to 25 animals – bats and skunks — after the closure of the Bat Zone in Pontiac. Twenty-three bats of four species – straw-colored fruit bats, Egyptian fruit bats, big brown bats and Jamaican fruit bats – as well as two skunks are being moved to LSNC in the coming week.  LSNC looks to provide opportunities for the public to learn about and see the bats through programming and site visitation later this summer.

LSNC has worked closely with the Organization for Bat Conservation (OBC) to determine how we could continue their bat and nocturnal animal outreach programs. “While we are sad to see the OBC wind down, we are delighted to carry on their mission for people to learn about these amazing creatures.” said Susan Westhoff, Executive Director for LSNC.

Wildlife Director, David Clipner added: “It is our privilege to assist OBC by taking in the bats, and ensuring they receive the best care possible. It is extremely important that bat conservation programming exists in our area, to dispel myths surrounding these misunderstood and ecologically significant species. We look forward to providing these programs once the animals are settled.”

LSNC will focus on the care and transition of the creatures over several months, keeping them under quarantine for at least 30 days.  LSNC anticipates releasing information about new programming in the summer of 2018.  For updates, please follow LSNC online at www.lesliesnc.org, or through Facebook.

According to Danielle Todd, Chair of OBC’s Board of Directors, LSNC is the right partner to carry on its bat conservation programming locally. “Leslie has the experience, commitment to high-quality environmental education, and reach in the community that will allow the work that OBC started to continue. By adding live bat programs to their existing education platform, Leslie will be a meaningful part of bat conservation.”

Leslie Science & Nature Center is a 501(c) 3 located in Ann Arbor, MI. For over 30 years, we have provided high quality environmental education programs across southeastern Michigan for schools, scouts, senior centers and community organizations. We welcome people to visit us 365 days/year to walk our trails, visit our Birds of Prey in their outdoor enclosures, or join us for scheduled programs.

If you wish to support the care of these animals, and the continuation of bat programming, please send your support to: Leslie Science & Nature Center, 1831 Traver Rd, Ann Arbor MI, 48105, go online to: www.lesliesnc.org/support-us/donate, or call us at 734-997-1553.

Source: Leslie Science and Nature Center


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