PHOTOS: Stef Chura and Saajtak perform @ 2018 Ann Arbor Summer Festival

eVenti Verticali’s "Wanted"

AmericaJR’s Jason Rzucidlo reports from the University of Michigan campus for the 35th annual Ann Arbor Summer Festival. In this gallery, you’ll see photos from Wednesday, June 20, 2018. In a great story of seizing your destiny, 28-year-old guitarist and singer Stef Chura, a DIY organizer on the Detroit underground garage rock scene and once clerk at Ypsi Food Co-op when she was just out of high school, has been reaping the success of a commitment she made to transforming her quirky, delicate basement tapes and bandcamp posts into a recognizable voice going all the way. Saajtak, born from a quartet of U-M music school alums, including vocalist Alex Koi, electronic artist Simon Alexander-Adams, drummer Jon Taylor, and bassist Ben Willis, they are a unique project on the SE Michigan scene, marrying their classical training to avant garde artistry.


The Ann Arbor Summer Festival continues through July 1st. For more info, visit