TRAVEL: Ride the new LINQ High Roller ferris wheel on your next trip to Las Vegas

The LINQ High Roller ferris wheel in Las Vegas, Nevada (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

LAS VEGAS — The LINQ High Roller ferris wheel debuted on March 31, 2014 along the famous Las Vegas Strip. It holds the current record as the world’s tallest ferris wheel. The High Roller tops out at 550-feet tall, which surpasses the Singapore Flyer, which formerly held the record at 541 feet tall.

When looking at the High Roller from a distance, it may appear that it’s not even moving. However, it does move–at a very slow pace–of one foot per second. That equals about 30 minutes for one revolution.

There are 28 self-inclosed pods on the High Roller. They can accommodate everyone from small to large groups. Visitors can book private parties and even weddings aboard the ferris wheel.

The High Roller is reinforced by 112 cables. If each cable was laid down in a row, it would equal to about 4.8 miles long.

If you’ve seen the ferris wheel during the day, then you definitely have to come by and see it at night. The High Roller features more than 2,000 colored LED lights. It’s quite a spectacular when they are all blinking different colors.

Whether you have ridden it five times or haven’t even taken a spin yet, the High Roller ferris wheel has definitely peaked interest all over the globe.

There are several different ticket packages available. You can purchase a day ticket, a night ticket or a day-and-night ticket package. There’s even an online advance purchase discount.

The High Roller ferris wheel is located at 3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109. It is accessible via the Las Vegas monorail at the Harrah’s/The LINQ stop.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit




Side view of the High Roller ferris wheel from the nearby monorail station.


Follow these signs for the High Roller box office and main entrance.


Cool painting of the High Roller near the box office.


The High Roller does not stop! Visitors will board the ferris wheel as it moves slowly at one foot per second.


An amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip from the High Roller ferris wheel.


There are 2,000 LED lights that change colors at night. What a spectacular to watch!


The High Roller in the foreground with Harrah’s and the LINQ Hotel and Casino in the background.


Look closely and you can see the High Roller ferris wheel in the center of the photo.


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