Marvel Monday: Netflix cancels ‘Luke Cage’

Netflix has cancelled Marvel's "Luke Cage" after just two seasons

“Sweet Christmas”

A week after the cancellation of Marvel’s “Iron Fist” starring Finn Jones, Netflix has closed down shop on Marvel’s “Luke Cage” after two seasons.  The news was first broken by Deadline on Friday, where “Daredevil” became “Born Again” for its third season with Charlie Cox suiting back as the titular Man without Fear.

Marvel’s “Luke Cage” ended its second and final season with Luke going from the Hero of Harlem to the Godfather of Harlem.  Once the “Soul Brother #1”, Luke sold his soul and sold out in taking over the reigns as the newly crowned king of organized crime.  Premiered on Netflix in the fall of 2016, Marvel’s “Luke Cage” broke through with Mike Colter reprising the role he first played on“Jessica Jones” opposite Krysten Ritter’s titular hard-drinking, short-fused, hot mess of a resourceful private investigator.

Framed and wrongly convicted, Carl Lucas became the subject of a prison experiment that gave him superhuman strength and unbreakable skin.  Reborn as Luke Cage, he tried to live a quiet and peaceful life in Harlem, but faced his moment of truth and step up to the arena: protecting the people against crime, corruption, and injustice as a hooded outlaw vigilante/hero-for-hire.

Colter continued the role of Cage in last summer’s“The Defenders” alongside Cox, Ritter, and Jones, where all four of them learned to work together in saving New York City from the evil Hand organization.

As of now, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher will remain where they are, but let us continue to show our “Bulletproof Love” to Marvel’s “Luke Cage” on Netflix.

Remember: Never backwards.  Always forward.  Forward … Always.




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