Movie Review: “Aquaman” is the classic hero’s journey with humility and grace

"Aquaman" movie poster

“Aquaman” is literally a true superhero fish out-of-water story – especially in the beginning, where his parents’ relationship is somewhat similar to 1984’s “Splash” with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah as a man who finds love with the mermaid he met as a boy.  In the case of “Aquaman,” it is Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), Queen of Atlantis and his father Tom Curry, keeper of the lighthouse.  Their love led to their son Arthur (Jason Momoa), who helped save the world from Steppenwolf one year ago as a member of the “Justice League.”  But it was a love that wasn’t supposed to be, as Atlanna had to return Atlantis to save the loves of her life

“Aquaman” may be corny and mushy at times when it comes to be compared to “Wonder Woman,” but the film is the stuff legends made of, as the saying goes.  To illustrate, the film sees Arthur, king of the Seven Seas, as the underwater equivalent of King Arthur, with Atlantis is his Camelot and the beautiful, equally headstrong, strong-willed and fearless Mera (Amber Heard) as his Guinevere.  Now, Arthur must claim his birthright and accept his destiny as the bridge that will unite two worlds into one: the world of the land and the world of the sea. 

Why?  Because a king fights for his nation, but a hero fights for all, and Aquaman is honest-to-goodness both.  “Aquaman” is the classic hero’s journey, with the brash and arrogant Arthur learning humility and grace while still maintaining the devil-may-care and bad-boy attitude we all know and love.

As Aquaman said in JL: “I can dig it”, and I dig this movie.  So will you.

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