CES: BYTON adds another display to its M-Byte electric SUV

Byton M-Byte all electric SUV at CES 2019

LAS VEGAS — Chinese electric vehicle startup company Byton showed off its M-Byte fully electric SUV at CES one year ago. This year, the automaker returned with the M-Byte and announced that its interior is nearly production ready.

The M-Byte features the world’s first 49-inch Shared Experience Display. It is as wide as seven Apple iPads laid side-by-side. In addition, there are tablets on the steering wheel and on the seat backs for the rear passengers.

The automaker announced at CES that an eight-inch multi touch “Byton Touchpad” display will be added on the center console in between the driver and passenger seats. It makes you wonder… are there too many displays?

Photo credit: Byton

“We’re calling it a smart device on wheels,” said Andrew Hussey, senior manager of communications at Byton North America Corp. “We are retaining the driver’s tablet. It will not spin with the wheel. We’ve also added a tablet in between the center console–essentially between the driver tablet and the center console tablet. That will allow both front seat passengers to control the SED–shared experience display.”

The M-Byte also keeps track of the driver’s health. It keeps track of your heart frequency, blood pressure and oxygen level  through the use of a wireless wrist band.

Two battery packs are available: a 71 kWh, 250-mile base model and a 95 kWh, 325-mile, longer-range model.

Byton offered free test drives of the M-Byte on a closed course at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show last month.

Production on the M-Byte will begin by the end of 2019 in Nanjing, China. Look for sales to begin in the United States sometime in 2020. It is expected to be priced at around $45,000.

For more information about the Byton M-Byte, visit https://www.byton.com/m-byte-concept

Video by Jason Rzucidlo / AmericaJR.com
The Shared Experience Display is as wide as seven Apple iPads placed side-by-side.
The car also keeps track of the driver’s health.
There are even tablets on the seat backs for the rear passengers.
Cool leather seats
The rear of the Byton M-Byte electric SUV.

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