The BreadBot bread machine, GoSun solar-powered grill and cooker premiere at CES 2019

The BreadBot by Wilkinson Baking Company at CES 2019

LAS VEGAS — The BreadBot was one of the standout products at the CES 2019 show in Las Vegas last week. It is a bread making machine designed by the Wilkinson Baking Company for grocery stores and bakeries.

It mixes, forms, proofs, bakes and cools ten loaves of bread per hour. The BreadBot produces new loaves of bread every six minutes with a maximum of 235 loaves per day. It only requires about 30 minutes of daily cleaning.

“Shoppers will always have access to a hot loaf of bread with no preservatives,” said Denver Wilkinson with the Wilkinson Baking Company. “The whole baking process can be seen from start to finish. You can watch the dry ingredients being mixed with the yeast and the water. You can watch the dough ball being formed. Over on the right side is a cooling cabinet. You can tell the machine to go grab you the hottest loaf of bread. For the retailers, it has a profit potential they’ve never experienced before.”

The BreadBot can make several varieties of bread including white, wheat, whole wheat, nine grain, sourdough and honey oat. The bread can even be organic if preferred!

The baking company believes that the BreadBot can help grocery stores cut their costs because they won’t have to pay for shipping. Instead, the bread will be made directly inside their stores. Therefore, it will increase their profits.

Representatives from Wilkinson even passed out free loaves of bread to CES attendees who wanted some. The bread was warm and fresh right out of the oven and it tasted great.

For more information about the BreadBot, visit

GoSun solar-powered grills and cooler

GoSun products at CES 2019 (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Meanwhile, GoSun showed off their solar-powered barbecue grills and introduced their cooler for the first time at CES. The grills collect sunlight using a solar panel throughout the day and can cook even at night.

Their grills can be used to steam, bake, or roast meats and vegetables without fuel, anytime and anywhere. The idea is to make outdoor cooking easier, cleaner and more accessible. The grills are perfect for boating, camping, living more resourceful and for emergencies.

“What’s unique is that it incorporates a vacuum tube that is four times more efficient than any solar electric cell,” said Gary Starr, business development manager at GoSun. “We also have a solar thermal battery so we can also cook when the sun sets. All of our products were designed in Cincinnati and most are made offshore. We’re also doing a kit for that we are going to be selling in places like Africa and South America here in the USA.”

The company offers several different models including:

  • GoSun Sport with space for 3 pounds of food or 40 oz. of fluid. It heats up to 550°F (288°C) and sells for $249.
  • GoSun Grill with space for 30 pounds of food. It heats up to 450°F(232°C) and sells for $699
  • GoSun portable solar cooker with space for 13.5 oz of food. It heats up to 550°F/ 280°C and sells for $139
  • GoSun fusion hybrid solar and electric oven for $449 (pre-order)

The GoSun Chill cooler utilizes energy from the sun to power a highly efficient DC Cooler to keep drinks or food cool, or to freeze, eliminating the need for ice for a cooler. It can operate at temperatures down to -18 degrees Celsius or 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Those are selling for $600 each.

The GoSun solar-powered cooler

For more information about GoSun cookers and cooler, visit

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