JustPierogi.com Delivers Comfort Food During Times of Need

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BENSENVILLE, Ill. —​In response to recent quarantining efforts, JustPierogi.com, one of the premier suppliers of handmade pierogi and other Polish and Eastern European delicacies, announces that it has redesigned its website (www.JustPierogi.com) for streamlined ordering and doorstep delivery anywhere within the U.S.

“During these times of trouble and need, people crave a sense of comfort. One way to achieve this peace of mind is with old world comfort foods delivered to your door by JustPierogi.com,” explains Jake Brozek, president of the gourmet food supplier.

Originally produced in Central and Eastern Europe, Pierogi are filled dumplings made by wrapping unleavened dough around savory or sweet fillings. Making pierogi from scratch takes hours in the kitchen, not to mention the lines at the grocery store shopping for ingredients. However, meals from JustPierogi.com are delivered to your doorstep and can be ready in minutes.

JustPierogi.com offers 15 different pierogi flavors: Blueberry, Cabbage, Cherry, Cheese, Kraut & Mushroom, Kraut, Maultaschen, Meat, Mushroom, Plum, Potato & Cheddar, Potato & Cheese, Potato, Spinach, and Strawberry.

In addition to Pierogi, JustPierogi.com also offers Uszka, Blintzes (Nalesniki), Pyzy, Finger Dumplings (Kopytka), and Silesian Dumplings (KluskiSlaskie).

All JustPierogi.com products are manufactured through partnership with highly respected Alexandra Foods in the Midwest at one of the few USDA inspected pierogi plants in the entire United States.

“Pierogi can be the centerpiece to a holiday meal, but they can also be enjoyed as a simple comfort food treat once a week. With JustPierogi.com, you can keep your freezer stocked with Polish treats,” offers Brozek.

Pierogi-like dumplings are popular in most Central and Eastern European countries as well as in Ashkenazi Jewish and modern-day American cuisines, where they are known under their local names.

Pierogi from JustPierogi.com may be served plain or with a topping, such as melted butter, sour cream or fried onions. JustPierogi.com offers toppings and sauce recipes on its website.

“Whether you want pierogi, uszka, blintzes, pyzy, finger dumplings, or Silesian dumplings, JustPierogi.com is your go-to source for authentic old-world taste created from recipes handed down over the generations,” says Brozek. “Our meals are delicious and easy to prepare. It’s easy to indulge your craving without hours in the kitchen. Put your trust in JustPierogi.com. You won’t be disappointed.”

To order, visit www.JustPierogi.com or call (888) 351-7710.

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Source: JustPierogi.com