Milestone Monday: The birthday of Melissa Benoist, aka Supergirl

Melissa Benoist in "Supergirl"

This October is gonna be super with not only the five-year anniversary of CW’s Supergirl, but also Melissa Benoist, who was born on Oct. 4 in 1988, about three weeks before her first flight as the Girl of Steel.

Like Grant Gustin, aka CW’s The Flash, Melissa is an alumni of FOX’s musical comedy-drama Glee.  On Supergirl, Melissa is Kara (Zor-El) Danvers, a refugee from the planet Krypton – just like her cousin Clark (Kal-El) Kent/Superman.  With the help of her sister Alex (Chyler Leigh), their family and friends, Kara becomes a paragon of “Help, Hope and Compassion For All” in the fight for justice against human and alien threats in National City.

Melissa was previously married to fellow Glee alumni Blake Jenner, who appeared in two episodes from Supergirl‘s first season as Adam, the son of media mogul Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), the woman responsible for making Supergirl a brand.  A survivor of domestic violence, Melissa is now married to Chris Wood, who played Mon-El in the second and third seasons of Supergirl; he recently returned for the show’s 100th episode.  Melissa and Chris welcomed their first child several weeks ago: a son, Huxley Robert Wood.

Supergirl will return for her final season sometime in 2021 on the CW.  Seasons 1-5 are available on Netflix.

Video by ET Canada