Superhero Saturday: The 45th anniversary of Lynda Carter as “Wonder Woman”

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

On November 7, 1975, the world first saw Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, the only hope for freedom and democracy in the world of man.  Lasting three seasons on ABC and CBS, the series followed Diana Prince fighting on the side of right and might for the old red, white, and blue USA.  Born and raised on Paradise Island, she comes to our world as an ambassador for truth, peace, justice, sisterhood, equality and love against the forces of evil.

The first season finds Diana working as a secretary for Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner), as they took on the tyranny and cruelty of Nazis during World War II.  When the show was lassoed by CBS, Diana became an agent with the Inter-Agency Defense Command (IADC).  With Trevor’s son as both her partner and boss, they tackled everything from organized crime to corporate greed and urban terrorism in the 1970s.  

Wonder Woman remains popular over the years thanks to reruns in syndication, where the show was once part of Me-TV’s “Sci-Fi Saturday Night” block as well as “Action Sundays” on Heroes & Icons (H&I) alongside fellow live-action superhero shows that includes The Adventures of Superman and Batman.

The success of Wonder Woman led to The Bionic Woman and Charlie’s Angels as well as paving the way for Xena: Warrior Princess and several other female empowerment shows such as Supergirl, where Carter had a recurring role as former Madam President Olivia Marsdin.

After 45 years, Lynda Carter remains a knockout, for she is a wonder: a wonder forever known as Wonder Woman.

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