5 Best Qualities of an Outstanding Viola Teacher


When looking for a viola teacher, it is best to assess one’s qualities to see if they are fit. Though the priority is to evaluate a teacher’s skills and achievements, it is also essential to tailor whether you will like how he or she performs. To garner an overview, here are five of the best qualities your viola teacher should have:

  1. Can communicate well

In viola lessons, there are concepts and terms that are foreign and new to your vocabulary. With great communication, you will be able to understand these things easily and quickly. An outstanding viola teacher can execute simple and concise terms that fit your level of understanding. 

Why is this important? Like business jargon, there is musical jargon too. A novice in the field of a viola would most likely not recognize these terms. To make viola sessions and lessons run smoothly, proper communication is significant.

  1. Has a deep love for teaching music

You should engage with a teacher who has an overflowing passion for music or if the circumstances are great, for viola. The key to effective teaching is to know and love the overall aspects of a certain thing. It is similar to the viola. An outstanding teacher would be more invested in a job if it is inclined with his or her passion or field of interest. 

  1. Implements different teaching styles

As mentioned, the top priority is still assessing the skills and capabilities of the teacher. The dominant qualifications should be in accordance with a teacher’s level of experience, skills, and achievements. Such experiences would most likely be able to provide different teaching styles and techniques that you may apply in playing the viola. 

  1. Flexible in teaching different genres

In the music industry, there are genres and there are teachers who narrow down their expertise from general to specifics. But as a novice, it is suggested that you explore all genres to check what you would be most interested in as well as decide on what specialization of genre you would want to take. An outstanding teacher can handle and introduce several genres. 

  1. Ability to make learning fun

There are different ways to make learning fun and engaging. Some people are comfortable with one-on-one sessions while others suit group sessions. But overall, learning should not be dull and boring. An outstanding teacher has the capacity to make every hour exciting and interesting. 


Prior to enrolling in music lessons or in this case, viola lessons, it is advisable to gauge the teachers. In this way, the parents of the students and the students themselves will be able to assess who they like the most and who they are most comfortable with. Besides, viola lessons are not entirely just for the sole reason of learning the instrument but for building relationships and making connections beneficial for future career possibilities. Overall, outstanding teachers should have these five qualities to see their expertise in this field. 

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