Sony unveils new AirPeak drone, headphones and TVs at CES 2021

Sony showed off its all-new Airpeak drone with video camera at CES 2021. (Photo: Sony/CES)

On Monday, Jan. 11, Sony held is press conference at the first digital-only CES 2021. The electronics company premiered several new televisions, a drone with a camera to the media and other viewers who tuned in.

The 15-minute video presentation began with a montage of adults and kids watching and interacting with TVs. Then, there was a spinning globe that zoomed in on Tokyo where the company is headquartered.

“This past November, Sony launched PlayStation 5 featuring lightning-fast speed and enhanced user experience,” said Kenichiro Yoshida, chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation. “When combined with a wireless controller, players can enjoy immersive gaming. With PlayStation 5, play has no limits.”

The chief executive also highlighted the latest developments on the Sony Vision-S concept car that was on display at last year’s CES in Las Vegas. Some of its cool features include a panoramic roof, a single wide screen that spans the entire dashboard and external cameras in place of sideview mirrors. The electric car is currently being tested on roads in Europe.

“Our Vision-S processes information from the surroundings and the environment in real time using Sony’s advance sensing technologies, he said. “Currently, we are working to optimize safety through test drives on public roads. Today, we are introducing a new product integrating AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics designed for adventurous creators.”

Yoshida introduced Airpeak, a new drone that flies with a Sony camera attached to it.

“Airpeak enables video creators to explore new frontiers for visual expression. Creators have unlimited potential to capture stunning images from above. Airpeak transforms the skies into an infinite creative playground. We are exploring new forms of entertainment by capturing real time images of space and Earth. With Sony’s technology, creativity has no limits.”

Sony unveiled its new motto: “A creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology” during its CES video.

Next in the press conference, the Earth spun around and zoomed in on Los Angeles. It showed the city’s beaches, palm trees and landed at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City.

“Sony Innovation Studios opened in 2018 exploring new ways of doing production,” said Bill Baggelaar, GM of the Sony Innovation Studios and CTO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. “Today, we’re pioneering production technologies to bring you state-of-the-art entertainment experiences. Our point clouds are really like a 3D photographs. It represents a real world in a way that you’ve never seen before. Sony Innovation Studios has been collaborating with Sony Electronics on the next generation of LED Wall technology. Today, we’re using Crystal LED technology and that next generation is going to bring it to a whole new level.”

The electronics company unveiled the following at CES 2020:

360 Virtual Mixing Environment (VME) that can reproduce a large sound mixing stage in a pair of stereo headphones. It creates a profile of a sound professional’s ears in a mixing room. That profile can be taken to another location such as your home. The technology was used on “Ghostbusters Afterlife” and “Venom 2”.

-Sony Bravia TVs with XR processor to deliver great content with clarity, color and motion. Bravia Core offers access to content from Sony Pictures Entertainment including IMAX Enhanced films. It also offers PureStream to stream up to 80 MBps per second, the same as a 4K BluRay disc.

Later in the press conference, the Earth spun around again and landed on London, England. We saw popular sights such as Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and many others.

“When we set out to launch PlayStation 5, our vision was to transform entertainment through deeper immersive experiences and new technology that heightens emotions for players,” said Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “We drew on 25 years of experience in R&D and a deep respect for our community to develop a true, next-generation console. We believe in storytelling in PlayStation, it’s part of our DNA. We’ll continue to bring incredible, quality games through our PlayStation Studios through years of organic growth and selective acquisitions. Our studios have delivered the best launch lineup in PlayStation history.”

Ryan highlighted some of the video game titles for the new PS5: Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Mikes Morales,”Horizon Forbidden West,” “Call of Duty,” “Bugsnax,” among many others.

Finally, the Earth spun around again and landed on New York City. We saw popular sights such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the new World Trade Center, and dozens of iconic taxi cabs.

“We’re always seeking new ways to help our artists expand their creative opportunities and reach fans,” said Dennis Kooker, president of global digital business at Sony Music Entertainment. “Those possibilities are even greater as a member of the Sony family where we develop unique collaborations between our artists and new technology. Through the Sony Collaboration series campaign, we’re pairing some of our most exiting young artists like Noah Cyrus, CNCO and DVG with the latest Sony technology and content platforms to highlight innovative new projects that are engaging, diverse and passionate fans communities.”

The Sony presentation wrapped up with a CES exclusive music showcase by Epic recording artist Madison Beer. It was created using 3D creation software and takes place virtually inside a rendered version of the Sony Concert Hall venue in New York City.

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Rising music star Madison Beer performed a music showcase during the Sony press conference at CES 2021. (Photo: Sony/CES)
Sony introduced its all-new Bravia TVs with XR processors (Photo: Sony/CES)
The electronics company provided an update on the Sony Vision-S concept car that was first introduced at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Sony/CES)
Sony highlighted its new PlayStation 5 gaming console which was released just before the holidays in 2020. (Photo: Sony/CES)
The new controller for the Sony PlayStation 5 (Photo: Sony/CES)
The company premiered its 360 Virtual Mixing Environment (VME) that can reproduce a large sound mixing stage in a pair of stereo headphones. (Photo: Sony/CES)

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