Book Review: Al Roker’s ‘You Look So Much Better in Person’ is hilarious

"You Look So Much Better in Person" by Al Roker is available in bookstores everywhere. (Gloria Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Al Roker is not a planner kind of guy.  Planning anything in his life is not part of his mode of operation.  In college, Roker got his first big break as a weekend weatherman at WHEN in Syracuse.  

“You Look So Much Better in Person” is a book about anticipating good things and let the opportunities fall as they may.  His mentor, Willard Scott, guided him through his career.  His next  full-time gig was at WKYC in Cleveland which he loved and wanted to stay there.  But then a position in New York City opened up for a weekend weather person.  “Do I really want to move back to New York City and work weekends and live in a closet?”  Even though his goal was to get back to New York City being that he was born and raised there.  He went for the interview and got the job.

A big market, WNBC in New York, was quite different than calm Cleveland.  Chaos and lunacy is more the word. The book chronicles the day to day events and shares valuable “altruisms” that can be applied to everyone’s own situation.  

William Shatner told him once to “never say no, say yes.”  Lo and behold, one day the William Morris Endeavor acting agency called and asked him to star on Broadway.  He remembered what Shatner had told him, and said yes.  He details the excitement of this opportunity and has learned to enjoy the journey of life, wherever it may take you.

As for “The Today Show,” when Willard was on vacation, Roker was in.  When Willard was on assignment, Roker was in.  Eventually when Willard retired, Roker took over as cohost and weather person for The Today Show, and the rest is history.

I enjoyed the book very much.  I laughed at some of his antics and the craziness that goes on behind the scenes of a TV show.  I would recommend this book as it will make you feel inspired to achieving a life of happiness and success in your own lives.

Look for “You Look So Much Better in Person: True Stories of Absurdity and Success” in bookstores everywhere and on Amazon. 197 pages. Hachette publishing.

Today coanchor Al Roker presents an entertaining guide to achieving a life of happiness and success through the power of “yes!”

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