Adeo wood products, Vanilla Goat soaps and Wardkraft shipping solutions at White Label World Expo

Steve Deadman told me about Adeo Wood Products at the 2022 White Label World Expo in Las Vegas. (Jason Rzucidlo)

Las Vegas — The White Label World Expo returned to the Las Vegas Convention Center last week. There were more than 600 exhibitors made up of start up companies and established brands  showing off their latest products and technologies here. 

White labels are private label products. If you own a store you can get your logo on these products just like how Costco does with its Kirkland brand. 

Wardkraft showed off their all-in-one shipping solution that streamlines shipping labels and packing slips. It’s perfect for any company that ships out lots of products.

“We’re actually applying a ship label and a packing slip at the same time,” said Amy Clark, a sales representative at Wardkraft. “It’s designed to do 100 percent match, more efficient, streamline your processes and hopefully eliminate some labor or let people work in other areas and not in packaging. It can do up to 30 cartons a minute. It’s really as fast as your software can drive your data to the printer. It can do any size carton, it doesn’t matter the height. It can do envelopes, it can do bags or it can do different size cartons.”

Nasko Lazarov introduced me to Maxvera Wellness products. They make white label CBD and supplements using a proprietary nano emulsification process. 

“Some of our products are topicals like a freeze cream and also a pain relief cream,” said Nasko Lazarov, chief operations officer at Maxvera. “All of these products are made with our nano absorb technology and the bioavailability absorption rates are through the roof basically. The big difference is the nano absorb technology. We use CBD oil from hemp. They penetrate faster and better.”

Cindy Lanzon from Vanilla Goat told me about her CBD infused soaps, lotions, creams, deodorants and much more. All of her products look like food but don’t eat them! 

“I have soaps, bath balms, even pet products, shower steamers that clean your sinuses like a little aromatherapy session,” Lanzon explained. “Once my dad told me my products look like fudge and I said, ‘well, I better run with that.’ My body butter looks like frosting. I even have donut-shaped soaps too. It’s an eye-catcher. I’m hoping to expand my business into the white label market—with their label or mine either one. Right now, I have a little retail store with a shop in the back. I stock some stores with their label and mine.”

Steve Deadman introduced me to Adeo wood products. Those include cutting boards, cell phone holders, rolling pins, serving trays and much more. 

“We use three wood types—maple, walnut and cherry wood,” said Steve Deadman, an account executive at Adeo Wood Products. “All of our products are made in the United States or in Canada. Chopping blocks is where we started our business from and developed from there. We take care of all the engravings in house with state of the art Epilog laser machines. We make mobile phone stands—something like this would cost about $15 branded. We keep high volumes of stock so quick turnaround times are our bread and butter.”

Joel Hill told me about Clear Choice ATM. They are great for dispensaries, casinos, bars, restaurants, gas stations or any other customer focused businesses. 

“We place ATMs in dispensaries, convenience stores, banks and credit unions,” said Joel Hill, senior Vice President at Clear Choice ATM. “We basically help out folks that basically have cash needs because in the cannabis industry you shouldn’t be using credit cards. We’re here to help out where they need help. If you want to purchase the ATM, it’s usually about $5,000. If you want to lease it, it’s usually a few hundred dollars a month. It’s a great alternative instead of getting shut down by one of the local banks. We’re about two years old. Hopefully, try to meet some dispensaries and get some ATMs out there in the industry.”

In addition, there were educational masterclasses, world class speakers, networking opportunities and an Amazon pro seller summit. 

The WLWE was held in conjunction with the Retail Supply Chain and Logistics Expo and the Smart Retail Tech Show. 

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