Schneider Electric, ZKRYPTO wallet and StartMining Bitcoin rewards featured at CES 2023

Ring showed off their new car camera to protect your vehicle 24/7. (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Las Vegas — This year, CES featured more than 3,200 exhibitors from 173 different countries, territories and regions. There were well established brands alongside start up companies. In addition, more than 4,300 media were in attendance. 

Schneider Electric introduced their home energy management solution. It can work with solar panels to collect power and save it for when an outage occurs. The company also showed its electric vehicle (EV) charging station. 

“It’s an all-in-one system that allows you to manage and generate sustainable power all through your home,” said Jaser Faruq, senior vice president of innovation at Schneider Electric. “It starts with a smart electrical panel, which is the central point of all the energy coming in and being distributed around your home. We’ve made that more intelligent by allowing it to monitor all of the energy being used by all of your appliances. It also allows you to control those appliances–to be able to turn them on and off with the push of a button. We have our residential battery–the Schneider Boost, our inverter, which allows you to connect solar panels and the battery into the system.”

A company called TP Link showed off their Tapo RV30 plus LiDAR navigation robot vacuum and mop. It automatically empties the dustbin after cleaning for up to 70 days. The RV30 is powered by a battery for 3 hours of continuous cleaning. 

Ring is best known for its smart doorbells and cameras. Now, the company premiered its all-new car cam to protect your vehicle 24/7. It is a dual facing camera that can provide updates and alerts to your ring app. 

Zkrypto is a South Korean company that employs cryptographic technology on the blockchain. It can hold your bitcoin, other cryptos as well as NFTs in a safe and secure  wallet. 

“We specialize in zero-knowledge proofs,” said Aerie Kim, a researcher at Zkrypto. “That basically solves the initial problem on the blockchain. Obviously, accessibility is very good but there is that problem of user privacy so we solve that. Azeroth, our digital wallet, we are unique with our own auditable privacy solution. In fact, we are implementing the Bank of Korea’s first CBDC (central bank digital currency) project. Not only do we secure user’s privacy which is a given, we prevent malicious attacks from happening. Last year, the $60 million loss, that won’t happen. Our privacy solution adheres to AML (anti-money laundering) regulations.”

Amazon had a cool display to show off their new smart home tech. It was out of this world with a giant spinning globe that looked like the earth. Some of their featured products include the Echo Show 15, an Amazon TV and a smart refrigerator by Bespoke. 

StartMining is a French company that created a crypto token that everyone can buy. It is backed by the production of bitcoin mines. The innovative solution behind this process is blockchain-based with smart contracts and allows for the automation of the delivery of bitcoin rewards.

“Today, we’re at CES because we’re launching a token which gives access to Bitcoin mining to everyone,” said Marie-Lea Vogel Vidal, communications manager at StartMining. “Traditional mining can be complicated. It requires large amounts of money. There are many companies that think about mining. We thought, why not launch a token that would democratize the access to Bitcoin mining and make it affordable. One token is $1,000. The token is called Start like our company StartMining. You can stack your token and start earning Bitcoin rewards.”

Stay with AmericaJR for more coverage from CES 2023…

video by Jason Rzucidlo / AmericaJR

Stay with AmericaJR for more coverage from CES 2023…

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