David Archuleta, Cassadee Pope, Michelle Williams and Rush Davis To Kick Off The 135th Rose Parade with Opening Spectacular Presented by Honda

Graphic by Tournament of Roses

PASADENA, Calif. – Buckle up for excitement as the Pasadena Tournament of Roses unveils the stellar lineup for the 2024 Rose Parade Opening Spectacular presented by Honda. Prepare to experience an electrifying and creative performance that will have you cheering, dancing and feeling the world brought together by the magic of music. An array of incredibly talented performers will take the stage alongside Honda’s awe-inspiring float, “Keep Dreaming.”

To kick off the 135th Rose Parade, a magical convergence of musical brilliance awaits as four extraordinary artists ignite the atmosphere with their unique talents and vibrant energy – David Archuleta, Cassadee Pope, Michelle Williams and Rush Davis.

David Archuleta, show-stopping performer and hailed as a vocal sensation since his ascent on “American Idol,” effortlessly delves into emotional depths, drawing a devoted following across diverse musical landscapes with his mellifluous tones and heartfelt renditions. Cassadee Pope, whose journey from punk rock roots to victory on “The Voice” has forged her into a vocal powerhouse, enchants audiences with an emotive depth that permeates every note, paired with an undeniable stage magnetism. Michelle Williams, revered as a luminary of Destiny’s Child, graces the stage exuding charisma and unparalleled vocal prowess, firmly establishing herself as an iconic pioneer in the realms of contemporary R&B and pop culture. And then there’s Rush Davis, an artist whose mastery in blending genres—fusing house, Vogue beats, Underground club music with hip-hop, R&B, and soulful melodies—illuminates his performances, redefining the horizons of modern music with his innovative soundscapes.

Together, these four musical luminaries merge their talents to create an ensemble set to captivate, mesmerize, and ignite the stage with an electric fusion of their unique styles, setting the tone for the magnificence of the Rose Parade.

Celebrating a remarkable 30-year legacy as the parade’s Official Vehicle, Honda shines brightly once again in the 2024 Rose Parade, marking their 14th consecutive year leading the floats as the Presenting Sponsor.

Join us on Monday, January 1, 2024, to experience the floats, bands and equestrians as they parade down Colorado Blvd. as we ring in the new year.

Graphic credit: Tournament of Roses & Honda

Source: Tournament of Roses

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