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Tuesday, 6 April, 2010 11:39 PM

Ashley Allyson to kick off the 28th Annual Downtown Hoedown on Friday, May 14

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New country artist Ashley Allyson

by Jason Rzucidlo


DETROIT -- Ashley Allyson was born on May 25, 1992 and was raised in Commerce, Michigan. She now resides in Nashville and is hard at work on her first album. Allyson released a CD single called All Kinds of Beautiful. She is also known for the songs "Red Dress," "Crayola Skies," "Dance in the Rain," "Hangin' on Hope" and "I Can Do This."

"Music runs in my family, but at a young age, I've always had a passion for it," Allyson said in an exclusive phone interview. "I always loved performing. I started doing stuff at school. As I got older, I got more in theatre. I knew I never wanted to go away from music. I got really into country music and fell in love with it, completely head over heels in love with the stories that all the artists told. That's when I knew that's what I wanted to do."

Her musical influences include Shania Twain, Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood. "These woman are so fantastic," she said. "They just put so much of themself into their music. That's what I would like to accomplish with mine as well."

What's the story behind your song, "All Kinds of Beautiful"?

"'All Kinds of Beautiful' is very special to me and to my band," the new country artist said. "It's so uplifting, it points out the good that there is in life and happiness. It kind of takes away from some of the more negative things. It brings a positive message. It uplifts and encourages. It's a really great song. It's my absolute song. It was written by some very talented people. I'm just so honored to be able to bring it to my audiences."

Allyson is currently working on her first studio album in Nashville.

"Obviously, there's 'All Kinds of Beautiful', 'Crayola Skies' is another one that I absolutely love," she explained. "It's about a young girl who her life isn't easy. Her father leaves and her mother is on her own. She goes to her room and she draws a picture. It reminds her that even though there's hard times going on, she's still finding beauty within the colors of the rainbow. She can have her own faith. It's a really great song. We go to 'I Can Do This,' which is my ballad for my soldiers and my foundation, A Call to Arms of Love. It's a very sad song. It's very powerful and moving. It's designed to give hope to those who have lost people and give them a chance to start over."

Can you tell me more about your soldiers fund program?

"I started A Call to Arms of Love when I was 14," the new country artist said. "I have very, very close friends in the military. Their family, it's hard on them. They go to a lot of emotional hardships. They work hard for us and they have nothing. They work all day long in the hot sun. I just wanted to be able to do my part to help them. What it does is we gather drinks, coffee and underwear and stuff they might not get and we send it to them. It's just a foundation designed to aid their needs. It's been growing. I've been really happy."

Allyson is scheduled to kick off this year's 2010 Downtown Hoedown at Hart Plaza on Friday, May 14 at 2:00 p.m. on the lower stage.

"It's such a huge honor, I was so happy to find out that l was going to be able to do that," Allyson replied. "It's my hometown and there's so many great artists performing this year. There's Dierks Bentley and Justin Moore, who I had the honor to meeting a few months ago at CRS and Zac Brown, who I'm really excited to see again. I also had the honor of meeting him at the 2008 CMA Awards. I'm definitely excited to see them. There's so many wonderful local and national artists that are going to be there. I'm so happy to be a part of it to bring this show to all the die-hard fans that will stand out in the rain to watch the show."

Can you give me a preview of your upcoming performance at the Hoedown?

"It's going to be pretty exciting, we actually have a couple of surprises in store for the show production wise," she said. "It's going to go through most of my songs including the new one that I recently wrote it's called 'Catch 22.' I'm very excited about that. It's going to be so much fun. All I want everybody to know is they're going to be on their feet singing, dancing and having a good time."

Where do you expect to be in the next 10 years?

"Ten years, wow, I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to do for lunch," the new country artist responded. "I'm just like any other artist trying to put one foot in front of the other. Do I have aspirations and get up on that stage and maybe one day accept an award? Sure. Right now, I just want to be able to stay connected with all the country fans and be able to bring my music to them and just be able to experience new things. If everything grows, that's fantastic. I've been having the best ride in the world. It's been fabulous. I just want to be able to keep making music."

What is your advice to students graduating in music that are looking to break into the business?

"Learn as much about it as you possibly can," Allyson said. "This business is changing every single day. There is no set rule book to be successful. You just have to follow what's going on. Get out there and perform and perfect your performance. Learn to write music if you don't already. Play instruments. Just get out there and have fun. If you go out there not enjoying it, neither are your fans. It's just not going to happen. If you really love it and you're willing to work for it, then that's the best way to go for it."

Look for Ashley Allyson to perform on the lower stage at the 2010 Downtown Hoedown on Friday, May 14 at 2:00 p.m.

For more information, visit or visit her MySpace page.


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Ashley Allyson will perform at Detroit's Downtown Hoedown on Friday, May 14 at 2:00 p.m.






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