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Tuesday, 23 June, 2009 1:16 AM

Free Iran! Mir Hossein Mousavi Supporters Inspire The World!

Photo credit: Reuters News Service

by Mike Wrathell


I am writing this in red ink. It was the first good pen I could find in my house--a brand-new Bic--made in France: land of the French Revolution, inspired by our own American Revolution. I know I should maybe be writing it in green ink as that is the peoples' color of The Iranian Uprising, but the red to me symbolizes the blood of the eight dead and counting....

The people of Iran rising up against a "man-flawed" election (as our professorial, pretentious President Obama might call it) have inspired the world, and, on a more personal note, me.

Using Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, the irony is thicker than molasses on a cold day in Kerman. Though our president Twitters freely on his Blackberry, and no play is banned when he jets to Broadway with his elegant wife, perhaps sitting in on a taping of Letterman first, then dinner at "Butter," the America Obama describes to the world is a meddling force of evil, not the bastion of freedom for millions of people for over 200 years. Are people coming in amber waves to Iran, or China, or Pakistan, or Mexico to experience the thrill of freedom for the first time? No!

Now, Iran has taken the mantle as the world leader for freedom lovers away from the USA, oddly enough. The Iranian people are not afraid, not timid baby barnyard owls too cowed to Tweet!

Where is the "but?" We saw the "butt" when Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, but when he said he did not want to interfere in Iran, alluding to our perceived installation of the Shah in 1953, he could have shown an iota of the bravery that defines real Americans by saying, "but, we certainly condemn the killing of election protesters and are deeply inspired along with the rest of the world by the spontaneous uprising in Tehran." But, he was chicken.

But, the Iranians don't need the self-appointed messianic Obama to be inspired by America: there is Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Martin Luther King, Iggy Pop, and Twitter!

When I took a year off after my freshman year at The University of Michigan--Ann Arbor and lived in Los Angeles for a year, I worked with some nice pro-Shah Iranians at Jack-in-the-Box, my last job in L.A. before coming home to complete my bachelor's degree.

I remember one Iranian lady in particular there. She assured me she was pro-Shah and, by implication, "one of the good non-America-hating" Iranians. I don't mind if the Iranians don't like the Shah, mind you, for he had some major faults, but at the time, there was a lot of hate for America in Iran that was disturbing and The Hostage Crisis was just over a few months back. And America felt the same towards Iran. 1981. In the early days of Reagan, just after he got shot.

One night at the Jack-in-the-Box on Van Nuys Boulevard, I spied a dalmatian dog rummaging for food by the dumpster in the corner of the parking lot. His ribs were showing badly. I went into the walk-in fridge in the store and dug out an old Jumbo Jack from a white pickle bucket for unsold product. "The Waste Bucket" that managers eventually have to count the items in. I unwrapped it, went out back, and gave it to the dog. He loved it. I got him another old cold Jumbo Jack, and he gobbled it up faster than Paris Hilton can Tweet about her new B/F or BFF.

I looked the Iranian lady, who was shift manager that graveyard shift, pleadingly in the eye and told her I would pay for the two Jumbo Jack burgers. She told me firmly and reassuringly that I needn't pay for them. She was cool. I had always liked her and she was always nice to me. I gave the dog one more Jumbo Jack. He ate that one, too. Three all told.

I got off work at 6 a.m. and took the dog to the bus stop. I had to walk him by the scruff of the neck. A city bus pulled up and refused us entry. I walked four miles home with the dog. My landlady only let me keep the dog overnight and L.A. Animal Control picked him up in the morning. He was such a happy dog that morning. I hope he found a home. But at least he had the love of an American boy and an Iranian girl before he was gassed, if such was his horrid fate.

We all need to give love and support each other. We cannot sit back and watch people or animals starve and cry out for freedom in silence and inaction.

Shame on you, President Obama, for your continuation of The Apology Tour from The White House!

Iranians, free yourselves from your repressive regime! Ordinary Americans and the entire world support and love you for rising up and showing us what human beings are capable of when they feel the call of freedom! As our not-so-beloved President Bush once said, "Freedom is not free!" The eight dead so far in Tehran paid the price willingly so that Iran can be free.

Now that Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace have been shut down by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his goons, please feel free to use the Guestbook below this article to communicate and organize!

Free Iran!


Photo credit: American Foreign Press

A protestor is being beat up by the police.


Photo credit: Getty Images

Election protestors are wearing green in support of Mir Hossein Mousavi.


Original Artwork by Mike Wrathell


Neda Soltani was killed by a Basij sniper and has become a martyr for the democracy movement in Iran.







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Unauthorized duplication or use of Text, Site Template, Graphics and or Site Design is Prohibited by Federal and International laws. See our Notice/Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.