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2007 NAIAS :: Detroit Auto Show :: Reviews + Interviews is going to speak directly with the industry experts. Hear from the people who designed and built the cars you will see at the 2007 North American International Auto Show.

AutoWeek hosts "Design for Success" conference at Cobo by Jason Rzucidlo

Keynote speaker Charlie Hughes described the problems facing the Big Three automakers and offered advice on how they can become profitable and gain market share in this highly competitive industry. [1.19.07]

Listen to the AutoWeek Editor's Choices Awards Presentations (MP3) by Jason Rzucidlo

Listen to Keynote Speaker Charlie Hughes from the AutoWeek Design Forum (MP3) by Jason Rzucidlo

Charlie Hughes Speech -- Part Two (MP3) by Jason Rzucidlo

Harley Shaiken, Ph.D. discusses labor issues in Detroit by Jason Rzucidlo

Harley Shaiken, Ph.D. explained the importance of labor during the FACS conference at the Detroit Free Press building. He said there are three things hurting the U.S. Auto Industry -- competitiveness, conflict and China. [1.18.07]

Global Electric Motors displays the e2 at NAIAS by Jason Rzucidlo

GEM, a division of DiamlerChrysler, is showing off it's e2 neighborhood vehicle in the basement of Cobo Center at the 2007 NAIAS. The automobile is perfect for industrial complexes, construction sites, college campuses, hotels, resorts and marinas. [1.17.07]

Honda offers the Civic Natural Gas Vehicle in Michigan by Jason Rzucidlo

Honda is now adding the Civic GX natural gas vehicle to the market for purchase by Michigan consumers. The vehicle was previously only available to those who lived in California. [1.15.07]

Ford redesigns the Focus for 2008 by Gloria Rzucidlo

I spoke to Lon Zaback, Chief Designer of the 2008 Ford Focus. The 08 has an all new exterior & interior. Its contemporary in design. The proportions are different. The beltline is higher which is the hood to window line. [1.15.07]

New technologies to make driving safer and easier by Jason Rzucidlo

Steven Underwood is the research scientist at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor. New gadgets will be added to vehicles to prevent crashes, manage traffic better, and alert the driver of inclement weather or accidents ahead. [1.14.07]

BMW MINI Cooper Sidewalk Hits the Streets by Sheila Franklin

MINI Coopers have become so popular of late that they are now featured in cinematic car chase scenes, where previously only classic Mustangs have been found. [1.14.07]

Lincoln reveals the MKR concept car by Jerome Rzucidlo

The New Lincoln MKR was manufactured with many earth-friendly materials. The carpeting is made with mohair, the wood is recycled, the sea foam is made with soy and the leather was processed without chemicals. [1.13.07]

A Chick's Eye View of the 2007 NAIAS by Sheila Franklin

Most guys go to the NAIAS with engines in mind. I know something about them, having worked on my own cars for years, still I am attracted to the extraordinary... [1.13.07]

Rubicon No Pretender To The Throne by Mike Wrathell

Back when I lived in Oregon in 2001 or so, I got invited to drive Chrysler's latest and drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee in third gear on an awesome off-road course, all because I was driving a 1993 white Dodge Shadow at the time. [1.12.07]

Cadillac unveils the 2008 CTS at the NAIAS by Mike Ismair

I was really impressed by this brand new model at the auto show from the Cadillac division. The all-new 2008 CTS will be available later this year for consumers to purchase. [1.12.07]

Chevrolet debuts the Volt electric concept car by Gloria Rzucidlo

In talking with Tom Read in Product Communications, he says this concept car is totally electric. It has a 40-mile range with a lithium ion battery pack. [1.11.07]

BMW premieres the Hydrogen 7 at the 2007 NAIAS by Jason Rzucidlo

The Hydrogen 7 is a hybrid car that can run on either gasoline or hydrogen with a combined driving range of 425 miles. The hydrogen tank can be refilled in just under eight minutes. [1.11.07]

Mercedes-Benz introduces the Ocean Drive concept by Gloria Rzucidlo

Alex Broghammer, the engineer of the Ocean Drive, says this concept is not available in the U.S. market. It is built in Germany with a cost over $100,000. It has a soft top with a sensor in the door handle. [1.10.07]

It's a Whole New Game for Car Dealers by Jason Rzucidlo

Paul C. Taylor, Chief Economist for the National Dealers Association, mentioned how car dealerships will go through a series of changes and compared the U.S. market to Asia and Europe. [1.10.07]

Highlights from the 19th Annual SAA Automotive Outlook Conference by Gloria Rzucidlo

A panel of automotive analysts spoke to the media about the future of the industry inside the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center on Tuesday. [1.9.07]

Listen to our LIVE Interview with 2007 NAIAS Co-Chairman Carl Galeana (MP3) by Jason Rzucidlo had the chance to sit down with NAIAS Co-Chairman Carl Galeana. Listen to some of this year's highlights, how long it takes to prepare for a show of this size and what will be the standout of this year's auto show. [1.9.07]

Toyota reveals the Tundra CrewMax at 2007 NAIAS by Mike Ismair

Toyota revealed the new Tundra CrewMax truck LIVE at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. I was really impressed by the new release from the automaker. [1.8.07]

Ford unveils the Airstream concept vehicle at 2007 NAIAS by Jason Rzucidlo

The Ford Airstream concept offers a view of the direction that Ford is heading with respect to future crossover vehicles. [1.8.07]

U.S. Auto Industry Is Rapidly Changing, according to Sean McAlinden at CAR by Jason Rzucidlo

The automotive industry is expected to go through a series of changes over the next few years. Sean McAlinden, Ph.D. is the Chief Economist and Vice President of Research for the Center for Automotive Research (CAR)... [1.7.07]

Road & Travel Magazine Announces 2007 International Car of the Year Awards Winners

ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine (RTM) announced its 11th Annual International Car of the Year Awards (ICOTY) winners at a black tie ceremony today. Held at the Detroit Marriott Hotel, RTM... [1.6.07]

GM Style Red Carpet Event To Be Streamed Live on the Internet

The whole online world can watch Saturday, January 6, as Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC-TV's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," emcees the GM Style red carpet event via streaming video through GM's web site. [1.5.07]

Celebrity Sightings and Excitement on Tap for 2007 NAIAS Charity Preview

The 2007 North American International Auto Show's (NAIAS) annual black-tie Charity Preview ticket sales are on pace to raise over $6 million for Southeast Michigan children's charities. [12.25.06]

Finalists Revealed for 2007 Car and Truck of the Year Awards by Andrew Turner

The six finalists for North American Car and Truck of the Year that were unveiled at the Detroit Economic Club meeting held at Detroit’s Cobo Hall on Wednesday each reflect... [12.14.06]

New Plan for Cobo Center Proposed at $968 million by Jason Rzucidlo

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano has introduced a plan to expand Cobo Center. His plan is one of the most aggressive ever proposed. The plan would create 270,000 square feet of exhibit... [12.8.06]

GM changes it's course on Hybrid Vehicles by Jason Rzucidlo

General Motors has changed it's thinking on hybrid vehicles. In 2000, the automaker declined from developing or manufacturing hybrids. Now, after watching Japanese automakers take the lead... [12.1.06]

Carlos Ghosn expressed "We don't think the time is right" by Jason Rzucidlo

Carlos Ghosn came to the Motor City to speak to members of the Detroit Economic Club. The CEO and President of both Nissan and Renault said that his companies are not looking... [11.17.06]


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