‘The Illusionists’ is mesmerizing at Detroit’s Fisher Theatre

Kevin James - The Inventor

DETROIT — Live from Broadway “The Illusionist’s–Witness the Impossible” comes to Detroit’s Fisher Theatre from April 28-May 10, 2015. This jaw-dropping performance will amaze audiences of all ages. You will experience both magic and entertainment. Be aware that smoke, laser and fire are used in the show. There is a band that accompanies the entire magic show. It is interactive where audience members participate throughout the whole evening.

The Illusionists consists of seven magicians that are a master in their own field. For example, Jeff Hobson, aka “The Trickster” was the host with his epitome of glamour and showmanship, chose an audience member. The guest wrote his name on one of the cards from the deck. The Trickster shuffles the deck and puts the deck in his mouth. He then removed the deck out of his mouth with one card remaining. He wanted the audience member to take that last card out of his mouth. “No way” says the audience member. Lo and behold, it was the correct card with his name on it.

Another magician, Andrew Basso, aka “The Escapologist” performed a Houdini demonstration. Yes 100 years later when Houdini died in Detroit at Detroit Grace Hospital on October 31, 1926 at the age of 52, “The Escapologist performed a similar trick where his is hand-cuffed, in a straight-jacket and hanging upside down while being lowered into a tank full of water. I had to keep my eyes closed for that one. Many more thrilling and sophisticated magic followed along with jokes and death-defyng stunts.

There was a 20-minute intermission during the performance.

“The Illusioniists” has shattered box office records across the globe and dazzled audiences of all ages with a powerful mix of outrageous acts ever to be seen on stage. You will love it. It was awesome.

Tickets can be purchased at the Fisher Box Office, ticketmaster.com and by calling 800-982-2787.


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