Welcome to the new AmericaJR!

We have officially flipped the switch for the next generation of AmericaJR.com…This is our new design that we’ve came up with after receiving dozens of phone calls and e-mails asking for a new look. Our new website looks more like a blog, but you can count on us to deliver the same, great stories that matter to you.

Let me give you a short tour: All of our stories are now searchable with our search box in the upper right corner. As soon as we post stories to this site, they will immediately be sent to our Twitter feed @AmericaJR. When there is  breaking news, check our Facebook feed and Twitter feed on the right sidebar.

Expect more updates at different times of the day. The AmericaJR.com Web Team will be able to update this website from anywhere. We will have the ability to post stories from any computer–whether it’s in an office, a library or even at Starbucks.

Come along for the ride and invite your friends to do the same…

Thank you,

Jason A. Rzucidlo

Owner & Web Designer


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