New Trivia Questions from “Page-A-Day” 1/5

This week’s questions:

  1. What gemstone was used in all the medals awarded at the 2008 Olympics?
  2. What future TV anchorman was the public address announcer in 1962 when the Houston Colt .45s made its debut as a National League baseball expansion team?
  3. How many children did Bob Cratchit have in the Charles Dicks holiday classic A Christmas Carol?
  4. What are you afraid of if you have cryophobia?
  5. What famous American writer penned Rosemary Clooney’s 1951 hit song “Come On-A My House”?

This week’s answers:

  1. Jade. The 2008 Olympics were held in China, where jade represents beauty and excellence.
  2. Dan Rather, who was paid $10 a game to handle the microphone for the team, now known as the Astros. At the time Rather was a news director for a Houston TV station.
  3. Six. They’re identified in the novel as sons Tiny Tim and Peter, daughters Martha and Belinda, and two unnamed younger children, a boy and a girl.
  4. Extreme cold, first or ice.
  5. William Saroyan, with his cousin Ross Bagdasarian (aka David Seville). The two, who were of Armenian ancestry, based their song on an Armenian folk tune.

Source: Workman Publishing/”Page-A-Day”

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