2017 Ford GT supercar is one of the biggest hits at the NAIAS in Detroit

DETROIT — I spoke with Matt Leaver, Ford Performance Communications, about the new 2017 Ford GT at the North American International Auto Show.  He noted the Ford GT is a carbon fiber supercar.  “We made the first deliveries last month, and we are going to make 1,000 over four years.  That is 250 per year.  The first 750 are already claimed.  We will reopen the application process early next year,” says Leaver.

“The Ford GT goes over 200 miles per hour and has over 600 horsepower.  It has a 3.5-liter Ecoboost engine.  We haven’t put out fuel economy yet.  The cost starts in the $400,000 range.  It has carbon-fiber wheels with titanium lug nuts to save weight.  It also has a Formula 1-themed steering wheel like a race car.  The seat doesn’t move, you move the steering wheel and pedals to you.  This is so you can feel the road better and saves weight,” added Leaver.

The car was designed for aerodynamics. The sleek exterior body panels are made of carbon fiber.  Its teardrop shape minimizes drag and maximizes downforce.  The interior features the controls on the steering wheel.  Also there are two display screens with soft touch surfaces.  I had the opportunity to sit inside this car.  The color is Liquid Red and is only available on the Ford GT.

Ford continues its commitment to the passion of innovation.  I think they hit the nail on this one.

I asked the girls at the Ford desk about the new Ford Bronco, Ranger and F-150 Raptor Diesel and they told me it was just announced at the press conference.  However, the vehicles will not be on display until Spring.