Movie Review: ‘John Wick: Chapter Two’ is better than the first film

Will the boogeyman named John Wick ever known the meaning of the word ‘peace’ instead ‘violence’ – as well as ‘retirement’ instead of ‘revenge’?

Well, John Wick: Chapter Two wouldn’t been such a fun fantasy ride of bloody violent revenge since Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill saga.  Keanu Reeves brings such “drive”, “determination”, and such sheer “f**king willpower” once again in the role of Wick, the assassin who completed the first chapter of vengeance against the men who stole his vintage Mustang, broke into his house, kill his dog and left him for dead.

Now comes the next chapter.

This time, Wick has no choice but to be “that guy” once more when an old friend calls upon the blood oath that was responsible for getting Wick out of the life, and Wick must return the favor: fly to Rome and spilled the blood of his sister, a female crime boss.  In doing so, her brother will have a seat on the table in this league of assassins.  But in doing this favor, everybody such as the lady mobster’s bodyguard (Common) will be out for the blood of John Wick – including the magnificent seven million dollar bounty out on John Wick, who’s out for bloody vengeance for the second time – especially when his house got blown up.

“You wanted me back,” said John Wick.  “Well, I’m back.”

And so is Keanu Reeves as the cool bonafide action icon since he became the One as Neo in The Matrix trilogy alongside Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus), aka the Bowery King.

Like I said before, John Wick: Chapter Two wouldn’t be the same as the first, yet it is even better and more exciting than the first.  If you have and/or haven’t seen the first chapter before and want to see it again on DVD, do that with John Wick: Chapter Two.

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars


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