‘Taken’ Thursday: ‘Person of Interest’ writer/executive producer Greg Plageman named showrunner for season two

Greg Plageman’s number has come up as the new showrunner for NBC’s “Taken”, according to Variety.  Plageman will be succeeding the departing Alexander Cary, as the spy-thriller is set to be more of a procedural drama for its 16-episode sophomore season.

Plageman’s work includes being the former showrunner for CBS’ “Person of Interest” (“POI”) starring Jim Caviezel as John Reese, an ex-CIA agent recruited by enigmatic billionaire software genius Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) to help him prevent violent crimes and help those who are considered irrelevant by the relevant government they once worked for.  All John Reese ever wanted to do is protect people, that soon became his job AND his purpose: stopping bad things from happening to good people.

“We’re thrilled to bring Greg on to run the show,” stated EuropaCorp TV USA president Matthew Gross.  “His enormous talent and vast experience with bold broadcast television is a perfect fit.  We look forward to seeing what his vision and direction brings to ‘Taken’ and the Bryan Mills character as we move into the show’s second season.”

Based on the global blockbuster franchise starring Liam Neeson, “Taken” is a prequel with Clive Standen as Mills, a Green Beret who is recruited by Christina Hart (Jennifer Beals) to become a member an elite emergency response team.  A man who is wired to protect people, Mills sets out to avenge the death of his sister against the head of a Mexican drug cartel: leading him on a journey to become a highly-skilled covert operative with a “particular set of skills”.  Soon, Bryan Mills will become every bad guy’s worst nightmare.

Under Plageman’s direction, perhaps “Taken” could be the new “POI” with Mills becoming “an independent contractor” like Reese’s dark and brooding vigilante Man in the Suit: going solo as a freelance “Equalizer” for victims who can’t fight for themselves, a hired gun for those whose wrongs needs to be righted, a gentleman knight who champions justice for the innocent, the helpless, the powerless and hopeless.

“Taken” airs Friday nights this fall on NBC.


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