“Get Big” Debut Feature by USC Film Alum Dylan Moran Gets AMC Theaters Distribution

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.  — Get Big” – the millennial coming-of-age comedy by first-time filmmaker and recent USC School of Cinematic Arts graduate Dylan Moran – will premier August 31 at AMC Sunset 5 in West Hollywood, with wider release at AMC Theaters across Southern California starting September 1.

In the vein of “Clerks” (1994), “Swingers” (1996) and “Superbad” (2007), “Get Big” takes viewers on a comedic journey examining how close friends learn from one another as they transition into adulthood. Themes deal with issues new to today’s generation (e.g., the obsession with social media and Creating “like”-worthy moments) to timeless questions involving identity, responsibility and relationships.

Still photo from the production of “Get Big”

Inspired by “somewhat true events,” “Get Big” follows the misadventures of two college-age friends as they reconnect for a classmate’s wedding. Alec (played by Tanner Stine, whom audiences may recognize from “NCIS“) is the charming troublemaker, while Nate (played by 23-year-old writer/director Moran) provides the neurotic and awkward foil to his friend’s unpredictable antics. Like so many of us, they find themselves at the uncomfortable crossroads of maturity and arrested development, hanging on to the notion that “some buds never age.”

The story takes place over the course of an intense 24-hour period during which Alec and Nate confront oddball cops, curmudgeonly neighbors, compassionate drug dealers, psychopaths, escorts and the archetypal girls next door, all while the clock ticks down to their classmate’s big moment. The musical score features songs from indie rock band Mystic Braves, with original music from Larry Lalonde, lead guitarist of Primus.

Based on early screenings, “Get Big” has the elements to become a breakout success. The response from coveted 18 to 34-year-old moviegoers has been especially enthusiastic.

Director Dylan Moran (facebook.com/GetBigMovie)

It’s rare for such a project from a first-time filmmaker to bypass the usual festival circuit and score distribution with a major theater chain. “Get Big” cost $250,000 to produce and was shot in just 14 days on-location in Southern California. Its direct path to theater distribution is a testament to the team Moran assembled, and to the production quality expressed on the screen. Producer David Rudd (Executive Producer of Straight Outta Tompkins) was also instrumental in helping bring “Get Big” to life.

A synopsis, trailer for the film and updated list of AMC theaters where the film will be released are available at www.GetBigMovie.com.

Get Big” is a production of Pelican Club Pictures, LLC.

Source: Get Big Movie


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