PHOTOS: Zingerman’s 35th Anniversary Street Fair @ Ann Arbor Farmers Market

AmericaJR’s Pete Bublitz was LIVE at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market for the Zingerman’s 35th Anniversary Street Fair. The evening featured some of the world’s most famous food makers, lots of great food and awesome music from DJ Jeremy Wheeler –all for free! Everyone is welcome. There also was food, beer and swag for purchase, including locally screen printed posters of our most iconic Deli imagery, which our staff artists will be customizing on the spot—with our classic Muno font. Attendees had the chance to hear the stories direct from the people who make the foods, plus sample tons of tasty treats.

For more information about Zingerman’s Deli, visit their website at Visit them at 422 Detroit St. Ann Arbor, Michigan or call (734) 663-3354.