Jury Awards $40 Million Dollars for Detroit Hospital Death

Geoffrey and the Holly family. (Photo: Fieger Law Facebook page)

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — Nationally known attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, announced today that a Wayne County jury, sitting in the courtroom of Judge Annette J. Berry, after a 2 week trial, returned a verdict late Monday, August 28, 2017, against the Detroit Medical Center, totaling $40 Million Dollars as a result of the death of 26 year old Terrea Holly.

26-year-old Terrea Holly (Photo: Fieger Law Facebook page)

The facts at trial showed that the DMC advertises itself as the place to go if people were feeling short of breath, because that is a major symptom of pulmonary embolism.  Terrea Holly, a 26 year old college student, began experiencing shortness of breath and a multitude of signs and symptoms that are classic indications of a pulmonary embolism.  If not treated with simple blood thinners, pulmonary embolisms can kill.

Instead of doing any tests, the emergency room at the Detroit Receiving Hospital sent Terrea home, telling her that she had a virus.  The clots related to the pulmonary embolism grew worse over night and she returned by ambulance the next morning.  However, at that point, her breathing had stopped and the doctors were unable to save her.

Fieger stated:

“The defense of this case by the DMC was mind-boggling. At different points during the trial, the DMC defended the case on the basis that Terrea was fat, African American, and that it was reasonable to send her home despite all the signs and symptoms of pulmonary embolism.  The DMC told the jury that because Terrea was heavy, that she would never get a job, and that the household services she rendered to her family while living at home were worthless.”

The jury responded accordingly after less than 3 hours of deliberation.

Terrea is survived by her mother, Dushon Watkins, her father Joseph Watkins, and her sister Tiarra Watkins.

Source: Geoffrey Fieger