‘Bar Rescue’ star Jon Taffer says excuses hold people back from achieving greatness

"Bar Rescue" host Jon Taffer speaks to attendees at the 2019 Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS — Why are so many bars and restaurants struggling? It’s not due the economy or the cold weather. According to television personality Jon Taffer, it’s because business owners are giving too many excuses.

Jon Taffer is best known as the host of Paramount Network’s “Bar Rescue” on Sunday nights. The show is the highest-rated program on the network and is currently in its sixth season.

On each episode, he works to transform struggling bars and restaurants into thriving establishments. You may have seen him screaming at bar owners and their employees. Taffer describes his coaching style as “reaction management.”

“There’s not a script…there’s not an actor,” he explained. “We’ve changed the bar industry. Off camera, I sign off on everything. My name’s on it. I have 24 hours to put an entire concept together. The employees go home we start remodeling the second day. We have four days to remodel. Speed is one of the things I learned from Bar Rescue. I learned more about failure than anyone.”

On Tuesday morning, Taffer delivered a speech titled “Cut the BS Excuses that Hold You Back” at the 2019 Nightclub and Bar Expo in Las Vegas. He encouraged business owners to come up with solutions to their problems.

During one episode of season four in Detroit, Taffer asked the bar owner, why are you failing? The answer he received was an excuse that made him chuckle.

“Because of the Euro in Greece,” the bar owner answered.

“Out of the 120 bar rescues, never once…I’m failing because of me. Every time, it’s the competition or it’s Congress. They have every freaking excuse but themselves. Excuse is a reconciliation of a mistake. Excuses are your enemies. Excuses kill us.”

The television personality spoke to dozens of bar and restaurant owners who are concerned about the $15 minimum wage. Many believe the pay increase will hurt their businesses.

However, Taffer said: “It’s going to happen. The issue is only when? You can’t change circumstance.”

Right now is boomtown, according to the “Bar Rescue” star. He offered attendees some statistics such as small business growth is up 79 percent, and disposable income is rising. “If you’re not making money…something is wrong. Guys, this is the time.”

Taffer said knowledge is not an excuse–so find it. The knowledge is there. He encouraged bar and restaurant owners to watch YouTube videos and use the internet as a resource to grow their businesses.

The television personality said that cooks should create unique dishes. If your customers are beyond impressed, they will keep coming back for more. Therefore, it will increase your profits.

“The cook in the kitchen is not creating an entree. He’s creating a reaction. The product is the reaction.”

Taffer wrapped up his speech by saying, “Personality and connection drive our business. You realize your competitors are not here.”

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Screenshot from an episode of Paramount Network’s “Bar Rescue.”
Taffer describes his coaching style as “reaction management.”
The television personality delivers his keynote titled “Cut the BS Excuses that Hold You Back.”

Jon Taffer is the CEO of Taffer Dynamics and Host/Executive Producer of Paramount Network’s “Bar Rescue”
Attendees at the 2019 Nightclub & Bar Show inside the Las Vegas Convention Center.