PHOTOS: AmericaJR Tours the iconic Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ

Looking up from the Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

AmericaJR’s Jason Rzucidlo recently embarked on a hiking tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. The mysterious and haunting beauty of Antelope Canyon (also known as “Corkscrew Canyon”) awaits the adventurous traveler who seeks to discover one of the most spectacular — yet little known attractions of the Lake Powell area. A tour to this awe-inspiring sculpture set in stone is a must for amateur and professional photographers alike. Come see nature’s surprising masterpiece of color. Over the years, Lower Antelope Canyon has become a favorite gathering place for photographers, tourists, and visitors from around the world.

Editor’s Note: Tour guides are required to visit the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. For more information about visiting, go to and