Trivia Tuesday: 5 New Trivia Questions from “Page-A-Day”

Every Tuesday is a Trivia Tuesday on AmericaJR… Look for five new trivia questions and answers from the “365 Amazing Trivia Facts for 2018” calendar.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Black cats signify bad luck in a lot of places in the world, but there’s at least one country where it’s the opposite. Name it.
  2. Who was the most recent president to have argued before the Supreme Court?
  3. Who did Muhammad Ali beat to claim his first heavyweight title?
  4. What country quartet formed in 1998 but didn’t have a hit single until 2005, with “Boondocks” from their second album, The Road to Here?
  5. According to a study by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, what parts of an astronaut’s body are most likely to be injured?

This Week’s Answers:

  1. Japan. Black cats are considered good luck there, especially for unmarried women.
  2. Richard Nixon. In the 1966 case Time, Inc. vs. Hill, Nixon argued for a man who was suing Life magazine.
  3. Sonny Liston. The two first faced off in 1964, and fought again the following year.
  4. Little Big Town. Some of their biggest hits include “Girl Crush” and “Little White Church.”
  5. Fingernails and hands. This is because of the gloves that astronauts wear–the scientists who design them have difficulty creating ones that accurately simulate the pressure of Earth’s atmosphere.

Source: Workman Publishing / “Page-A-Day”