It’s Never Too Late To Dive Into Summer Fun

Travel Expert Julie Loffredi

NEW YORK — Whether we’re halfway through summer or near its end, it’s never too late to plan a vacation or a stay-cation with family or friends. The summertime is a known time for relaxing and kicking back without a worry in the world, but you need the right tools to do so! Travel Expert, Julie Loffredi is sharing her tips for a stress-free summer getaway– from accommodations to must-have products, and much more!

PLAN SEAMLESSLY: Whether you are booking travel and accommodations ahead of time or just a few days before you go, there are many ways to snag a good deal for you or the whole family. is offering at least 15% off during their Great Getaway Sale for stays booked between June 1 and August 31st in destinations both domestic and international.

With over 5.7 million unique places to stay across every budget – from five-star hotels to villas, apartments, farmhouses, chateaux, houses and more, you’ll always find the accommodation to perfectly suit your summer travel wishes. When searching for your accommodation – whether through the website or mobile app – you have access to more than 176 million real and up-to-date reviews from guests who have actually stayed at the properties to ensure that you end up in your perfect accommodation. To book your trip visit

PROTECT YOUR SKIN: Protecting your skin should be a top priority, especially during the hot summer months. Make sure you have the proper sun care protection before hitting the road for travel. NO-AD is the choice of practical, no nonsense moms (and dads!) who want the best possible sun protection for their families without paying extra for branding hype. 

You get the same SPF broad spectrum protection as other brands but at a much more affordable price. Experts recommend reapplying 1 oz every 2 hours so this big 16 oz Lotion properly protects a family of four for eight hours in the sun. Parents know they have to be extra diligent about covering little ones before hitting the beach and this Kids Spray makes it easier to get kids fully covered extra fast. For more information visit,  

DON’T FORGET TO REST: Don’t miss out on all the fun due to being jet lagged! With packed vacation itineraries, you’ll want to be well-rested to take on all your planned activities. America’s #1 selling sleep-aid, Vicks ZzzQuil, has some new options for travelers to help adjust to varying schedules and potential time-zone changes.

If you are one of the 93% of travelers who have experienced or will experience the frustrating effects of jet lag this summer, these new PURE Zzzs products are a great option to help you fall asleep naturally and wake with no next-day grogginess. They’re drug-free, non-habit forming and help people fall asleep naturally, and each product contains no artificial flavors is gluten-free, lactose-free, and gelatin-free. For adults, there’s a fast-acting Liquid, a De-Stress and Sleep formula and a Beauty Sleep formula, and there’s a Kidz gummy for children ages 4 and up. For the kidz gummies, make sure you consult with a doctor before use. Visit for more information

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