ReturnMe, Showaflops and Christmas ornaments at Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show

Hal Bernfeld and a model from Showaflops

LAS VEGAS — Small business owners from all over the country descended on the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2019 Souvenir & Resort Gift Show. Customized t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs and even Christmas ornaments were some of the products I spotted at this year’s show.

Hal Bernfeld showed off his Showaflops — which are special flip flops with holes in them to improve water drainage and faster drying. In addition, they help to reduce slipping on wet or slick surfaces. Showaflops come in a variety of unique designs for men, women and kids.

“They are slip resistant soles so you don’t wipe out on floors that are wet,” Bernfeld said. “They also have antimicrobial which kills foot fungus and odors. If that’s not enough, we also do Neoprene boat shoes which are lightweight and perfect for travel. You can wear them in the ocean, in the pool and wear them out for dinner.”

He also told me about his new line of pill organizing system called PillPanion. It features a carrying case with seven small reclosable bags that are labeled the seven days of the week. There’s also a spot to mark the time when pills need to be taken and circle a.m. or p.m.

“It is must for anyone taking multiple pill doses a day. Instead of the old pill boxes that fall on the floor when you try to open and close them. This is perfect for travel and it’s lockable. You can take them with you to the hospital or travel or leave them home. Everything comes in its own little carrying case. That will sell for $29.99.”

Artist Kathryn Yoder displayed her customized Christmas ornaments and drink coasters. She said they can be made in a variety of designs and can make them with corporate logos too. Her company is called Art for the Young at Heart.

Art for the Young at Heart

“I got started about four years ago doing handprinted Christmas ornaments,” Yoder explained. “It was a crafty night with some wine. I painted my dog on an ornament. It just kind of blew up after I put it on Facebook. Everyone I knew wanted their dog painted on an ornament. I was painting all day everyday. I needed something that I could get into stores so I came out with a line of Christmas ornaments.”

Many of her designs include the “C” from the Colorado state flag because that’s where she lives. Some of her ornaments feature the Denver skyline while others feature wildlife and/or animals.

“From there I got into doing custom ornaments as well. People would like to have their specific logo like Pink Jeep Tours. I can do a front side and back side print. I did an ornament for the Oklahoma City Zoo with their logo on it. I do the artwork using watercolor or acrylic paints and scan it into the computer and do a little bit of touch up work before sending it off to print.”

Sales Operations Manager Adam Abdulrahman showed off his ReturnMe digital recovery devices. The company makes key tags, mobile decals, luggage tags, gift boxes, pet tags and digital tags. They are great for items such as digital cameras, camcorders, computers, cell phones and much more.

ReturnMe luggage recovery tags

“There’s no restriction with regards to range,” Abdulrahman explained. “You don’t have to be within a certain range for it to work. It can be halfway across the world. Whoever sees this message will contact us, we’re open 24/7. We actually brand them with our clients’ logos as well just like here Hilton Vacations.”

Here’s how it works: First, a customer registers their recovery tag online and it is entered into a database. If the item gets lost or stolen, the person who finds it will contact ReturnMe and notify that the item has been found. Then, the owner of the item gets it back and the finder receives a monetary payment for turning it in.

“We arrange to have the item returned to you, anywhere in the world, absolutely free of charge. It’s a lifetime service. We give them a ReturnMe gift certificate of $40 so they can purchase any tag of their choice and protect their own belongings as well.”

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Artist Kathryn Yoder also showed off her drink coasters.

Hal Bernfeld also displayed his new pillpanion pill organizers.

More of the ReturnMe digital recovery devices

Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show display case