Superhero Sunday: “Batwoman” gets full season order

"Batwoman" airs Sunday nights on The CW network

Batwoman Begins!

The CW has picked up the freshman female superhero series for a full season.  Introduced in last season’s “Elseworlds” crossover event, Batwoman stars Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, the cousin of billionaire Bruce Wayne, who once spend his nights prowling rooftops, inspiring people, and fighting the criminals and the corrupt as the brooding masked vigilante Batman, the Caped Crusader/Dark Knight Detective.  When Batman disappeared three years ago, Kate returns home and ends up taking on the mantle of Gotham’s protector.  But she will soon step out of her cousin’s shadows: rising up to become a symbol of empowerment and justice, creating her own legacy in the process as Batwoman.

The series also stars Rachel Skarsten (TV’s Birds of Prey) as Alice/Beth, Kate’s sister and the leader of the Wonderland gang.

Batwoman serves as the lead-in for Supergirl with Melissa Benoist as National City’s titular Girl of Steel.  Batwoman airs Sunday nights on the CW.

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