Trailer Thursday: CW’s “Stargirl” gets released

Stargirl is set for spring 2020 on the CW.

With Supergirl and Batwoman becoming CW’s “World’s Finest”, now comes Stargirl from creator Geoff Johns.  The trailer made its official debut during Tuesday’s “Crisis Aftermath” from host/writer/director/fanboy Kevin Smith, who has also directed several episodes for The Flash and Supergirl.  Inspired by Johns’ late sister, Stargirl has appeared in a recurring, supporting capacity on both Smallville and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  Come next spring, she will finally shine her light front and center with Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore.  

When he saw her casting tape, Johns knew the 20-year-old Bassinger was the one.  Her name sounds like a superhero, he admitted, “but she is actually a superhero to me”.  “She’s an amazing actor to work with”, Johns continued.  “She embodies, like, a heroic nature.  She’s, you know, super nice and incredibly talented.  But it was her humor and heart that came through on that tape.”

Moving from Los Angeles to Nebraska following her mother’s remarriage, teenager Courtney Whitmore discovers that her stepfather Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) was sidekick to the superhero Starman.

“The Justice Society must live on”, Starman told Dugan.  “Someone with honor must carry the torch.”

That someone will be Courtney Whitmore.  

Stargirl is set for spring 2020 on the CW.

“Stargirl” official trailer by The CW

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