Trivia Tuesday: 5 New Trivia Questions from “Page-A-Day”

365 Days of Amazing Trivia! Page-A-Day Calendar 2020 by Workman Publishing

Every Tuesday is a Trivia Tuesday on AmericaJR… Look for five new trivia questions and answers from the “365 Amazing Trivia Facts for 2020” calendar…

This Week’s Questions:

  1. The town of Lajitas, Texas, was once home to a goat named Clay Henry. What was Clay Henry famous for?
  2. What was the name of the Revolutionary War spy ring based on Long Island, New York, that provided crucial information to General Washington?
  3. What is the term used to describe a group of rats?
  4. What’s the difference between jam and jelly?
  5. What is the largest animal ever to exist on Earth?

This Week’s Answers:

  1. Chugging beer. The goat’s fondness for beer earned him widespread attention and brought fame (and tourists) to Lajitas.
  2. The Culper Spy Ring. The group has been credited with transmitting information that led to the discovery of Benedict Arnold’s treasonous plot.
  3. A mischief. Here’s another bit of trivia for rat lovers: Male rats are called bucks and female rats are called does.
  4. Jam is made by crushing a fruit and leaving in most of the solid parts and seeds. Jelly is made by crushing a fruit and discarding the solid parts, then mixing the remaining fruit juice with pectin.
  5. The blue whale. It measures approximately 100 feet long and weighs around 200 tons. Its tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant.

Source: Workman Publishing / “Page-A-Day”

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