Who Enjoys Candy Corn the Most?

Graphic credit: National Confectioners Association

WASHINGTON — New data from the National Confectioners Association reveals that Gen X is the most likely to enjoy eating candy corn, with 58% reporting that they enjoy the iconic Halloween treat. Boomers trail shortly behind with 56% enjoying candy corn, according to the survey which was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of NCA. Candy corn is slightly less popular with younger generations, however, as less than half of millennials and Gen Z report enjoying the triangle-shaped treat.


  • 29% of Americans Admit to Nibbling Candy Corn’s Narrow White End First. An additional 7% divulged they start with the wider yellow end, while the remaining 65% pop the entire piece of candy in their mouths in one go.
  • Southerners are 2% more likely than the average American to begin with the wider yellow end, while residents of the Northeast are 4% more likely to enjoy their candy corn in one bite.

More Information on Candy Corn: More fun facts about candy corn, including the treat’s history and the process for making the iconic candy, are available on AlwaysATreat.com/CandyCorn.

As National Candy Corn Day (October 30) and Halloween grow closer, NCA is working with top public health experts, nutrition professionals, and the CDC to help take the guesswork out of Halloween. Visit AlwaysATreat.com/HalloweenCentral for ways to celebrate a socially distanced but not socially awkward Halloween season – and join the conversation on social media with #HalloweenIsHappening.


  • 79% of parents indicate they have taken candy from their children after a night of trick-or-treating. (Morning Consult)
  • 2/3 will participate in trick-or-treating, whether handing out the candy or going out with their children. (NCA)
  • 74% of millennial moms and young parents say that Halloween 2020 is more important than ever. (The Harris Poll)
  • 80% of the general public and 90% of millennial moms and young parents say they can’t imagine Halloween without chocolate and candy, and that trick-or-treating is irreplaceable. (The Harris Poll)
  • 80% of people believe that they will find creative and safe ways to celebrate the Halloween season this year. This is up from just 63% two months earlier in July. (NCA/Morning Consult)
  • Most people in the U.S. enjoy chocolate and candy 2-3 times per week, averaging about 40 calories per day and just one teaspoon of added sugar per day – including at moments like Halloween.
  • The Halloween season accounts for $4.6 billion in confectionery sales each year. (NCA’s State of Treating report)
  • What are they saying? Governors from NY, NJ, AR, RI, and OH recently joined Martha Stewart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Whoopi Goldberg and a growing wave of approval and support for a safe and creative Halloween 2020 – including public health experts, community leaders, newspaper editorial boards and columnists who say that we can prioritize safety and still enjoy this fall with Halloween celebrations that last all October long.

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About the National Confectioners Association (NCA):
The National Confectioners Association is the trade organization that advances, protects and promotes the unique role of chocolate, candy, gum and mints in a happy, balanced lifestyle and the companies that make these special treats. Through advocacy and regulatory guidance, communications, industry insights and retail and supply chain engagement, NCA helps foster an environment that enables candy makers to thrive. Confections are produced in all 50 states, creating jobs for approximately 54,000 workers in more than 1,300 manufacturing facilities across the country. Learn more at AlwaysATreat.com or follow NCA on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Source: National Confectioners Association

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