New Action Thriller by Alex Schuler Takes on the Controversial and Dramatic History of Self-Driving Cars

Faster examines the value of progress, the cost of obsession, and the extraordinary power of the human mind, set to the backdrop of a phenomenon that would shake the world.

JAMUL, Calif. — Author Alex Schuler captures intense determination and a clash of egos in his new action thriller, FasterIt follows a fictional engineer and computer scientist who helped pioneer the self-driving car industry while navigating their own tumultuous relationship. Their drive to take on Detroit and become leaders in this technological revolution leaves the reader in awe of what humanity can accomplish, and just how much sacrifice it takes to change the world.

“The characters in Faster are all exceptionally strong, distinct, complex, and engaging. It delivers excitement, anxiety, humor, romance, tragedy, and despair.” –Screencraft

Autonomous car breakthroughs spiked during the DARPA challenges between 2004 and 2013, giving names to eccentric computer scientists and engineers drawn to innovation. These individuals often find themselves in controversy. Elon Musk is legendary for breaking norms, such as the Tesla autopilot feature rushed to market in 2015. Autonomous vehicle guru Anthony Levandowski took on Google, then found himself sentenced to jail, only to be pardoned by former president Donald Trump. These pioneers dedicated their lives to technological progress. But what’s behind their drive—self-interest or a desire to improve society?

Alex Schuler fictionalizes the autonomous car industry’s past, exploring the motivations of these innovators and asking what we can expect for the future.

In Faster, Ted is a brilliant engineer and mechanic who can build anything. But stay out of his way. Everything in his life is tested to the breaking point until he’s recruited to work with a group of college roboticists to win DARPA’s autonomous vehicle challenge. With him the team has a real chance at winning.  

Until they meet their match. Just as Ted is the brilliance for his team, Samantha is the brains behind her team. Brought together by a well-connected entrepreneur the unlikely trio will take Silicon Valley by storm until Ted’s reckless nature derails his relationship with Sam, gets people killed, and nearly undermines all they’ve worked for.

Faster examines the value of progress, the cost of obsession, and the extraordinary power of the human mind, set to the backdrop of a phenomenon is about to shake the world.

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